Kombo: Mass Effect 2 Preview

Mass Effect 2 is on track to be a fantastic sequel, as Bioware seems focused on enhancing the strengths and addressing the weaknesses of the original. The upgrades to the dialog system should widen the gap between Mass Effect and the competition in the area of cinematic story-telling, and the refinements to the combat system should help ease some of the disconnect that RPG and FPS purists had with the shooter/RPG hybrid mechanics in the original. While at first glance there don't appear to be any revolutionary additions to the gameplay, the fact that many decisions may lead to the death of the main character could lead to a greater level of emotional investment and careful decision making than gamers have ever seen or felt in an RPG before.

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mistajeff3395d ago

I'm glad to see a lot of these 2007-sequels are really expanding on their gameplay in natural and impressive ways. Mass Effect's changes are far more subtle than say, Uncharted, but if you go back to the first game after watching these videos you'll notice what an amazingly vast improvement it is. I'm so foxing excited for these games..