Blizzard Bigwigs At E3 Global Agenda Booth

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis spotted Jeff Kaplan (WoW, Blizzard now producer on unannounced MMO) and Rob Pardo (executive VP of game design at Blizzard) at the Global Agenda booth at E3.

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thetamer3207d ago

THis is very interesting.

Leord3207d ago

Not surprised, the MMO weekly often has some nice scoops.

Fyzzu3207d ago

Good to know they're keeping an eye on the competition. Wonder if they're contemplating an acquisition, or if their unannounced MMO is going to be something similar? I doubt they'd make something that'd directly compete with their own money-printing device, World of Warcraft, after all...

Leord3207d ago

We'll see more about the MMO at BlizzCon, I wager...

Dorjan3207d ago

I'm waiting on that call then

Maticus3207d ago

Jeff Kaplan is the guy who's on the new MMO isn't he?

Xbrainer3206d ago

I'm so sick of these companies trying to make MMOFPS games they're all pretty much terrible.