Valve responds to L4D 2 criticism

CVG writes: "Valve has responded to the wave of negative feedback surrounding Left 4 Dead 2, asking gamers to "give us a fair shake" before writing the sequel off.

A Steam 'boycott' group has managed to amass almost 20,000 members, claiming that "the announced content of Left 4 Dead 2 does not warrant a stand-alone, full-priced sequel and should instead become updates (free or otherwise) for Left 4 Dead".

"We want to wait and weed through the comments, I'm already getting e-mails, and I'm responding to them," Valve's Chet Faliszek said.

"Looking back, was the Orange Box a ripoff?" He said, on initial complaints at having to "buy" Half-Life 2 again in the compilation..."

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jay23396d ago

It's not like you're being FORCED to buy it.

StanLee3396d ago

The internet is full of whiner and bandwagon jumpers. Are you surprised?

s8anicslayer3396d ago

Your right people don't have to buy it, but the question is if the game is large enough to justify it as a sequel or is it just DLC content? Rockstar released GTA4 DLC a few months back and that was a pretty big update to the game and it was DLC not GTA5. Many people feel that Valve could've released it as DLC and got DLC price not full retail on a brand new game and that's the gripe and the growing concern most gamers have is the worry that other devs will do the same.

narked3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

if they gave it more time, people would want it more.. they could get more content, make it better looking and maybe 'innovative'. this is simply a new map pack with some new weapons and they could have left at least a year before doing this so that for us the game is more chunky, not just a little change from the 1st installment... about they worked on half life for a change?

StanLee3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

You know, gamers are real hypocrites. They scream for new titles now but cry when a sequel is released soon after the first. Months after the release of Gears of War 2, gamers wanted a Gears of War 3 announcement. Everyone who has demoed the game at E3 has said the changes are substantial to warrant a sequel. If you feel indifferent or upset about the sequel, don't buy the God damned game.

Chrisny853396d ago

valve is a good company. they care what the gamers want, the delivered some of the greatest multiplayer games ever, and they offer free dlc. cut them a break and give them a chance its not like they announced lfd3 before lfd2 came out. like cod does.. luckily i know which ones to avoid.. and it rhymes with gay garch.

narked3396d ago

dude im not saying about buying or not buying.

what i said is that this is not necessarily a full fledged game and valve are making us believe so.

i have been a fan of valve since playing the first half life. and have played most of their games. i think its just too early for them to release it, more time would mean a better game for the consumer, wouldnt you want a better game with more variety?

since when are we longing for new maps and new weapons?

howabout hearing what the consumer wants? and if what i read in forums is any evidence most gamers including myself are really looking forward for a new half life episode which they have been promising us for years, yet no info...

so howabout a company staying true to what it has always been? why are they suddenly craving for money? and dont believe that L4D2 is anything but a bag full of money for valve.

caladbolg7773396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

"the question is if the game is large enough to justify it as a sequel or is it just DLC content?"

I don't think that is the question at all. At and around the release of L4D1, Valve gave the impression that a flood of new content, like new characters, new weapons, new maps, would be steadily released (comparable to how Team Fortress 2 is receiving updates). This never happened. Instead, Valve is taking that promised L4D1 content and releasing it as a full-priced title.

That is where the conflict arises. It's not about whether or not the SIZE of the L4D2 content is large enough to warrant a new game. It's about buying in to an unfinished product with the promise of future updates, only to never receive the promised content. People assumed that because Valve was so good about updating TF2 that they'd be just as good about updating L4D.

Those people were dead wrong.

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shaun mcwayne3396d ago

i loved l4d, got it on day 1 and played it to death, no pun intended.
i was so happy that a game company was trying somthing fresh and new and very clever too. when these sort of games do well it pushes other game makers to try somthing new and not just to make games that we have all played 100 times before. if valve can cash in on a great franchise go for it, cos at the end of the day if you were in their shoes you would do the same thing.
give l4d some love.
dont be hater..
kiss kiss...

jessehaysfl3396d ago

I love me sum L4D on steam as much as the next guy however when you take ten years to make half life people expect you to take a little time with your "iterations"

TheIneffableBob3396d ago

Valve takes half a decade on a game, people complain. Valve takes one year on a game, people complain. It's really hard to please people.

AssassinHD3396d ago

Correction: It is flat out impossible to please people.

crck3396d ago

How exactly was L4D new and fresh? Because no one had the balls to release a full retail game that only lasted 3 to 4 hours in the past? I still don't get it...

cRaZyLeGs 933396d ago

Left 4 Deads online modes are what make the game. It has huge replayability. Thats why the game is so popular. The game also changes every time. You never get the same spawn points for zombies twice in a row.

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Salta_nelas3396d ago

Valve is pulling an EA, if the game is good people will get it nontheless, why all the fuss?

Hiruma Youchi3396d ago

see , From ALL the Articles I've read about L4D2 The only people complanning about the game are people who Own PS3s that wont even get the game!

how weird is that? just look @ the earlier L4D2 articles on the main page.

Spike473396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

And I found it repetitive in addition to the fact that I saw this coming from a mile away.

the game is great really no doubt, but you need to stop blaming PS3 fanboys.

Myst3396d ago

What a unfair and extremely generalized statement. I have a Playstation 3 and a Wii system as well as my laptop now. With Left 4 Dead installed right on it and connected to my steam account, so yes playstation 3 owners can play it just as well as Xbox 360 owners just under a different means.

Also most articles hit the front page anyway.

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