IncGamers' MMO Weekly 09/06/09

IncGamers' Jeff Hollis is back and this time he discusses one of the MMOs which got him quite excited at E3...Global Agenda.

"I have to say, right up front, that I'm not in love with the title. "Global Agenda" sounds like a game about world domination, imperialism, and political conquest. You know, a build-your-empire game of some kind, maybe an RTS, or a turn-based strategy game. It certainly doesn't sound like a shooter or an MMO."

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thetamer3394d ago

This looks really interesting and I am keen to see how they made an FPS MMO RPG work.

AndyA3394d ago

It often seems that one aspect of the game gets watered down in these hybrids.

Leord3394d ago

Hellgate must have been like the first proper FPS RPG, and would have worked as MMO.

So many small things went wrong there though...

Maticus3394d ago

By all accounts, there were Blizzard suits checking out the game. Interesting.

Dorjan3394d ago

Good luck to them I say, but surely to imply RPG aspects it would be a MMOFPSRPG?

since MMO stands for massively-multiplayer-online or whatever, which there is a game that did quite well already did... what was it called... damn...

Fyzzu3394d ago

I'd love to see a proper MMOFPS that actualy functions well. Planetside was the last one, from memory, but that never really caught on, for a variety of reasons.