PSX Extreme: Poll Update: God Of War III Is On Everyone's Mind

PSX Extreme: "Last week, we asked what your most anticipated E3 game would be; i.e., what title were you most looking forward to seeing at the show. The vast majority of you said God of War III, and we got a very special treat at the end of Sony's E3 press're still drooling over that gameplay presentation, aren't you? If you haven't yet had the pleasure, you can view both the Developer Walkthrough Part I and the Developer Walkthrough Part II; your mouth will drop in no time.."

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Hiruma Youchi3396d ago

more than Uncharted2 ? Uncharted looks better 2 me.

table3396d ago

both look seriously awesome.

raztad3396d ago

You are right stewart, but I think GoW3 looks better and will look even better on release time. Dont forget devels are aiming for 1080p. I'm sadistically drolling about that head ripoff at 1080p. INSANE. Literally

Moo7a-Seven3396d ago

God Of War = The GOD of action video games

Ninver3396d ago

GOW3 will own all games when finally released and the only game that will top it is The Last Gaurdian which is also a sony internal studio game. Sony is in a competition with themselves. No one can compete with the quality in the ps3 exclusive games.