Grand Theft Auto inspired producer of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Grand Theft Auto has undoubtedly inspired many games. But what may be surprising is that the series inspired the producer of a Final Fantasy game.

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knox3393d ago

wow thats pretty neat =O

MajesticBeast3393d ago

So we will see a annoying cousin that wants to see some american titties in ccb. J/K

Kurisu3393d ago

So it won't be long until "Drive-by" appears in the command list?

Gun_Senshi3393d ago

Gran Theft Fantasy

You are a character with spikey hair that defy gravity, looking like a girl, that goes around barging into people's home stealing their treasures.

Oh wait we did that in all Fantasy Fantasy.

Well I always wondered how you can enter random people homes and open their treasure chests and take everything w/o telling you anything in JRPGS xD

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