New Black Prophecy Screens

Reakktor Media has released three new screenshots of the upcoming space MMO, Black Prophecy.

The images include Tyi fighters, the Restorer's combat drones, a human shuttle being blown to bits and close quarter combat with a Genide fighter inside a destroyed space station.

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thetamer3394d ago

Another MMO which won't work. Yes, I said it. Challenge me, I dare you.

Maticus3394d ago

I challenge you! Why do you say that? The graphics are amazing, the gameplay seems sound. The fans are ravenous for it.

Leord3394d ago

Was this the EVE-killer game?

Maticus3394d ago

BP is shaping up to be a cracking title. EVE players who find their game a bit too much hard work might enjoy trying it out ^ ^

Dorjan3394d ago

These screenshots doesn't do this game justice!

Fyzzu3394d ago

Liking the look of the HUD in that third screenshot.

Leord3394d ago

Yes, why do they release so FEW :(

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