Development community gives its verdict on the PSP Go

Eight leading developers offer their view on four key issues surrounding Sony's new handheld - The development community has spoken.

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Magna Farta3210d ago

....they've been b*tching for years about used game sales, and a system that does Digital Distribtuion only eliminates that

Mu5afir3210d ago

They also stated, they can sale games for cheaper. Let's hope that's the case.

IdleLeeSiuLung3210d ago

That is what they say, but generally what happens is digital copy cost about the same as retail if not a tad less. I would rather get a physical disc if that is the case. Something that I can collect and even resell at a later date. In many cases a game on sale is cheaper at retail than digital download that rarely if ever is on sale.

We will have to wait and see....

raztad3210d ago

I hadnt thought about that Magna Farta, you are right. Actually, Sony is offering two crack free solutions, BD games and digital distribution.


Hope we can see more titles like Beats™ and whatnot.

£5/$5 downloadable games for the absoloute win!

MajesticBeast3210d ago

Less pirating i hope for these guys.

San Frandisco3210d ago

na,they said they will still be making the UMD versions for thos who like tangible media,and as long as there's UMD's theres pirating.

D4RkNIKON3210d ago

You don't think that digital distribution is better for piracy? It is one step closer to piracy than UMD. A UMD has to be converted into a digital file before it can be spread on the torrent sites. The real obstacle is getting the custom firmware onto the new PSP hardware. Leave that up to the great Dark_AleX.

Close_Second3210d ago that Sony need to give PSP users a lot more incentive to jump on line with their PSP. Then they need to brick any console that has been modded.

I am wondering if the new breed of games coming out for the PSP will be compatible with the PSP-1000. I know we all assume they will be backward compatible but when you look at games like DT, LBP, etc, you have to wonder if 32MB RAM is enough! You also get Sony making comments that it expects that lots of PSP-1000 owners will want to upgrade to the PSP Go!

I'm looking forward most to PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe. I still play PJM on the PS3.

DelbertGrady3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

<--- Perhaps they should ask the consumers as well. It's the same PSP but in a new casing and with some extra memory. And it costs a whole lot more.

You can get an iPhone with 16gb for less. So, where's the value, Sony?

-CautionHead-3210d ago

That's with a contract that lasts years, look at the real price of it without contract sometime, this is what limits 3G users from upgrading.

Sony has also stated that they will drop the price early in it's life cycle, if you want one as soon as it comes out get it, if not wait for it to drop in price.

I see no reason for people to repeat the same things, if you want a PSP go then get one, if not just stick with the older models and stop crying.