Konami's Castlevania schools Sony's Heavy Rain on the importance of voice actors

Among the announcements at E3 was the cast of actors for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a new 3D action game based on Konami's long running 2D series.

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Rock Bottom3327d ago

I'd agree with this, Heavy Rains voices seamed like they could use some(actually lots of) improvement, while Lords of Shadow seamed perfect(from the trailer at least), guess using high profile actors does pay.

Acidicpack3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Heavy Rain looked good real good but given that we only watched around 5 minuets of each game demo. I would say that's its still way to early to tell which game is better than the other. If you could even compare them together at all. They are both to different games with different play stiles. Plus I'm still not sold on the idea of a 3d Castlevania. But with Kojima producing the game anything is possible.

Rock Bottom3327d ago

Do you even read? this has nothing to do with which game is better.

It's just about voice actors, they're just comparing voice works for the two games, we heard the "voices" for both so we can compare the "voices", no one said anything about which game is better. God, this place feels like kindergarten.

lloyd_wonder3327d ago

I don't get the relation between the two games. Tons of video games have voice actors.

AssassinHD3327d ago

There is no relationship between the 2 games, but comparatively speaking, one has Patrick Stuart, and one does not.