Lake: 'Remedy is not a factory,' team fortunate to spend time on Alan Wake's debut adventure

Remedy has been talking about the 5 year development process for Alan Wake, as it was originally announced back in 2005. Sam Lake, lead writer, tells Joystig that Remedy is not a factory.

"Remedy is not a factory, we take our time and try out different things until we feel have found the right combination and a good balance for the game."

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Nelson M3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Wake Up Call !!!!
From what i've seen of Alan Wake
Your not Game devs either

Hellsvacancy3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

>Insert comment here< (i 4 got wot i was gonna type)

saimcheeda3393d ago

how long it will take for that guy to actually wake up for a flop game!

Minute Man 7213393d ago

will score just as high as KillZone2 and sell almost 3 times the amount.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3393d ago

You were going to say -
'If it's any good i'll get it for my P.C i.e the BETTER Version' ;-D

GAM3R3393d ago

Nelson you're pathetic!
I'm a PS3 supporter too but its guys like you that gives us a bad name!
Grow up man

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Hiruma Youchi3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

I understand them. Im not mad @ waiting. They showed footage @ E3 i was pleased with them and I know Remedy actually makes good games you guys remember Maxpayne on ps1.


they concetrate on making one game , unlinke ''game factories'' that have The Potential to put out Good games(teamsonic , D3 , 3rd party for wii(sucky ones)) BUT prefers to Rush things out to cash-in on the ASAP.

I dont mind waiting to 2010 to play Alan Wake!

When I know I will be playing SplinterCell Conviction , Forza3 , Halo Odst , Magna Carta2 on the X360 and I can buy Soul Calibur on PSP and Zelda on DS and play them on the go.

Final_Rpg3393d ago

Why did all the games you list have to be exclusive...

Bnet3433393d ago

I don't mind if they take their time. There is already a sh*t ton of games coming out.

GayASSAdmins3393d ago

why did Hiruma get so many disagrees?

Admins i hope you guys are watching how much your n4g site is getting rediculous.

Foxgod3393d ago

Sick amount of disagree's indeed.
They call this democracy ?
More like piss on the 360 owner, good job admins, for allowing this..


Yes, waiting is just an @ss when it's PS3 related right? WAIT B3YOND isn't it? But for Alan Wake everything is ok! LOL

Now, talking seriously, I really hope more devs have Remedy security, confidence and professionalism. They just know what they are doing!

They aren't rushing the game just because of deadlines, they have commitment with both being productive for their employers and giving quality to gamers.

Edit: I didn't disagree with nobody...

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JamieReleases3393d ago

Yup, I don't mind waiting. If it creates a much better game then it makes the wait worth it.

Megaton3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Should just avoid announcing these things so early, but I suppose they didn't expect it to take so long. Looks like a good game, probably my favorite from the Microsoft conference.

green3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

The reason Remedy Games showed Alan Wake at E3 2005 was because they were looking for a publisher for the game.They could not develop and publish the game because Remedy is a small company made up of around 35 people so getting a partner to publish and fund development by showing it at E3 was the only way to go.

Microsoft seeing the public reaction to the game quickly snatched publishing rights in 06 and kept the game out of the media until it was ready.

It's not nice when a game is shown earlier but knowing the reason for their actions makes it all justified.

Syronicus3393d ago

They need to hold back from announcing these games so early on. Typically they do it to beat their chest in spite of the competition and make no mistake, all companies do this so it's not just MS. I would like them to maintain a routine of only announcing titles within a year or less before release date. That way, they won';t shoot themselves in the foot with a hype train gone wild.

SaberEdge3393d ago

But again, it wasn't Microsoft's decision to have it shown so early. Ever since Microsoft acquired publishing rights, they have kept the game under close wraps.

Personally I am glad they are taking their time. Most of my favorite games of all time were games that were promised to be available "when it's done". And Alan Wake is certainly shaping up to being one of the most amazing-looking upcoming games.

Foxgod3393d ago

Its no longer Alan Wait, its coming finally :)
2010 is looking good for the gamers already, amazing multi's, and some killer exclusives coming our way.

But first Forza and splintercell, YEAH :D.

theEnemy3393d ago

I was pretty impressed with Alan Wake @ E309.

Another game added to the games-that-are-making-me-buy-a -360-this-year list.