Grandia Online Announced

BigWorld has announced the new MMO, Grandia Online, the latest in the Grandia series which dates back to 1997.

The best selling original Grandia RPG was a Sega Saturn title. Grandia Online will be set in the 'Age of Genesis' before the original game took place. The game will be built on BigWorld Technology and is being developed by GameArts.

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Fyzzu3270d ago

Grandia Online is a pair of words I honestly never thought I'd see together.

qface643269d ago

wow grandia online
hmm i feel like playing part 2 now

thetamer3270d ago

I wonder how long it will take before there is a Mario MMO...

zagibu3269d ago

Hehe, a mario sidescrolling mmo, now that would be great. I'd play a koopa.

Dorjan3270d ago

from sega saturn to an mmo? Lets see how it ends up!

Maticus3270d ago

Awesome, a classic game brought back to life :)

Can't wait to see more about this.

Leord3270d ago

That's really cool :)

With all these new MMO's from pretty decent franchises, I wonder how the MMO market will look in 5 years :)

Will WoW be as dominant, etc.

silvacrest3270d ago

heres hoping not

we need thoose WOW players to poppulate the new MMOs lol

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The story is too old to be commented.