Killing Floor European Publisher Announced

IncGamers reports Dutch based Iceberg Interactive has acquired the rights to publish Killing Floor in European territories.

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thetamer3391d ago

it's about time, I don't know how successful this will be as L4D2 has been announced, but I think it's certainly a game worth watching. More zombie deaths. Awesome

Fyzzu3391d ago

It's been on Steam for awhile if you want to give it a go.

Leord3391d ago

Well, L4D2 is being hacked by thousands of fans because it's so weak as a stand-alone game, and no DLC to F4D1..

We'll see.

JsonHenry3391d ago

I am totally addicted to this game right now.

xwabbit3391d ago

played it and bah, its good it u cant play l4d online for free

Lich1203391d ago

Im completely addicted to the game also. I just picked it up on a whim because it was advertised on steam and I couldn't be happier. Its not as robust as L4D, but to me its tons more fun. Playing lanned with buddies is what really makes it a blast.

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Fyzzu3391d ago

I really need to get around to playing this. It looks like a solid game.

AndyA3391d ago

Might have to give this a look, had a lot of time for Red Orchestra.

Maticus3391d ago

Looks too gory for me, but I've heard good things from friends about it.

Leord3391d ago

Gore is good for you, didn't you know? :)

A heart or lower intestates is of your 5-a-day! :)