iPhone 3G S Worth the Upgrade?

For Current iPhone 3G Owners, Is it worth Paying for the Hardware Upgrade? Some say yes.. others think its an outrage!

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GOS_SAND-MAN3388d ago

HECK NO ITS NOT WORTH IT. Stick with the Free OS Upgrade for now.. I dont think theres enough benefit to dish out another $300

solidt123388d ago

The old iPhone 3G's are now $99 with a contract so why buy the new one with 1 or 2 new features that no one will use.

talltony3388d ago

So the new 3GS is def worth it to me. i am getting it as soon as it comes out.

WhittO3388d ago

i dont see how people think its an outrage, its not like they will be forced to upgrade as the older iphone models are still supported by apple!

I think i will be getting the 16gb iphone 3GS, i dont have an iphone so might aswell buy the faster/longer battery life etc.

If i had an iphone 3G i would just stick with that and upgrade when you are meant to - at the end of your contract.

sirbigam3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

Lol I still got the first generation iphone with T-mobile might upgrade once it's unlocked, hopefully apple shares with T-Mobile when their contract expires with AT&T in 2010.

BulletToothtony3388d ago

what's the worse part of having an iphone with tmobile? i considered it but ended up getting the G1

sirbigam3387d ago

T-Mobile internet has been acting up latley and I heard they're working on it, but ya it does work.

jay23388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

No, the Iphones in general are serously behind the times.
If this was the 1st Iphone that would be another matter and I'd seriously be considering my options.

BulletToothtony3388d ago

dude every phone company copied the iphone after it was released...

you should watch the 3.0 os video.. that phone just got ahead of everyone again.. tomtom gps, knowing where your phone is thru google maps. Being able make a loud sound so you can find it, or erasing all your info if you don't find it.

Crapload of new features, apple definitely innovates bro..

bunfighterii3388d ago

I hate apple. It's the same with all their sh!t, they make these 'surprise' announcements and your always stuck with outdated tech.

Mr_Showtime13388d ago

But your outdated tech is still so far ahead of almost anything else anyway.

Balance3388d ago

depends on what you are talking about, the new features of cut and paste and MMS?,,, free bottom dwelling cell phones have been doing this for a long long time. a megapixel camera? i have a 1yr old smart phone with a 5megapixel camera and more features than what apple is about to offer.

my point being it depends on feature(s) we are talking about as being new/innovative or outdated. BTW everything coming to the iphone has been done long before on either symbian or crappy windows mobile. the iphone though is putting a nice easy usabillity wrapper on it.

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