Strategy Informer E3 2009: Why Sony Won

From "Microsoft may have stolen the show in the eyes of many, but Sony was the diamond in the rough at this year's entertainment expo. They put up an overall solid show during the press conference, and despite not going for the same 'wow' factor that has been a Microsoft tactic these past few years, they even outshone Gate's giant in some areas. This is why Sony won this year's E3..."

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Hiruma Youchi3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

they showed good stuff to . Only Nintendo left me with a Sour Taste. You knw what i mean? Sony showed alot for PSP that made me go ''This I might buy''( I do own sony stuff guys) while nintendo barely showed stuff for DSI and dslite and that made me kinda grumpy cause I usually buy alot of DS stuff for the go. Nintendo should consider making a SmashBrawl for DS soon.

Syronicus3324d ago

Is that SOny has three devices to show support for. Nintendo has two and Microsoft has one. Many folks are busy comparing Sony and MS and trying to figure out who won E3 but forget that many folks out there still use their PS2 or PSP more than a PS3 or Xbox 360. Many folks out there own a DS and have no interest in the consoles.

The idea that one company won E3 is silly, especially considering how diverse the crowd of gamers is these days.

I give props to Sony for bringing the guns for all three platforms they support and I think many folks forget that aspect of their show. MS showed some great games and cool new tech but they have only one platform to work with. Ninty had no excuse for the lack of new titles but still showed me some titles that will become part of my library so I can't complain too badly.

In the end, they all did well but I was the winner of this years E3.

Perjoss3324d ago

here I will fix the title for free...

Strategy Informer E3 2009: Why Gamers Won

raztad3324d ago


Fully agree. Indeed my PSP will get a lot of love this year with Persona1, FF:D, LBP, SC, and AC2 (as well on the PS3). Next year, MGS:PW will be king.

Sony did a very well balanced conference (very spoiled with PSP Go leak) between PSP and PS3 stuff. I'm happy with all the amazing games ahead.

50CALheadshot3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

gaming is about games, not some bull$#it hardware built by a company that created such hits as the hddvd add-on, the zune, and the rrod.

The people that keep downplaying sony are clearly in denial.We are on the 3rd SONY generation, and so far its looking better than the ps2 era. Of course no one mentions this though.

Take for instance my comment in the mass effect article:

"@1.2: "I dont know why this is in the ps3 section though "
well, it could go in the PC section.

The first Mass effect on pc was crazy, they made the game more dynamic and eliminated pausing so they gave us pc owners this 4 free: http://masseffect.bioware.c...

once again bioware seems to have done it,this is looking to be a must buy as well. "

the fans in that thread disagreed with me, and stole my bubbles!!! AND WHY? because im right!! am i lying? no! did i make it up? no!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. THEY cant accept reality thats all it is. even if it elbows them in the face, like NATHAN DRAKES new melee move. Me i accept reality, i embrace it.

LOL. even the "semi-exclusive" games on the other system are GIMPED. "SEMI-EXCLUSIVE", lol. What a effin joke. good thing i have a great desktop to play the 360's exclusive titles, without worrying about running on s#it hardware suffering from the rrod cancer.

Its time to accept this gens offerings: rrod and massive hardware warranties, or next gen games, movies, and ultra reliable and proficient hardware.

I accept reality, SONY IS THE FUTURE

Edit:@the fanboys following me: and here we go, the bubble eating trolls have started their daily routine of following and eating my bubbles. LOL, i love it. They are glued to my every word. every single one of my thoughts is a dagger in there neck...THAT IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING REALLY HARD TO SILENCE ME. HAHAHAHAHA you trolls may be able to completely silence me, but sony is still going to own this generation. YOUR feeble attempts to silence the truth will not stop SONY. you can keep dreaming though, huh?

50CALheadshot3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

hahaha, keep eating my bubbles.....its clear that you guys are shaking in your rrod coffins.

HAHAHA, *boots up uncharted2beta* (A REAL NEXT GEN EXCLUSIVE)hahaha.

I know its like 10 of you trolls, with like 4-5 accounts each. MUST SUCK TO HAVE NO GAMES TO PLAY, huh? you guys just live here diminishing the ability for sony gamers to should get a ps3, it has plenty of games. or buy a pc, it has all the 360 games but they RUN BETTER.

Tony999Montana3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I think the problem is that everyone is trying to determine the 'best' conference by different criteria. I think in terms of entertainment throughout, Microsoft beat sony. I don't even own a 360 and I still enjoyed watching it. In terms of announcements and games line-up, I would personally give this to Sony. Sony had a few slow parts but they do have amazing games coming up and made some interesting announcements. I realise that it is a highly subjective and so please take note that this is merely one opinion and I would never argue either point to be conclusive and not open for debate. However I would like to say that Nintendo had a poor conference in my opinion. It was the only conference which physically bored me and they essentially only had one worthwile announcement for me, Metroid. Does anyone who was watching E3 care about wii fit etc? No, because casual gamers don't watch E3; learn that Nintendo

Edit: 1.2 (perjoss); bubbles for you both for your Plants vs Zombies pic and for one of few sensible comments on this article.

cmrbe3324d ago

Thats because people only see x360 vs PS3.

Truth of the matter is. PSP,PS2 and PS3 is the reason why SCEI is profitable but not MS entertainment division.

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JamieReleases3324d ago

Agreed, I wasn't impressed with Nintendo's E3 performance this year.

Oner3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

I agree. I don't know what is up with Ninty the last 18 months or so...they seem to have just put their feet up and lay back in complaisance or something. Yeah they have Wii Motion Plus coming out but no "Super Mario Galaxy" epic title to really solidify the new hardware addition. (unless my mind is escaping me?)

My Wii has been relegated to when the occasional family or friends come over and want to "experience" it, but they walk away with a bit of "That's it?" mentality. For the ones that show more interest (or thinking of buying one) I tell them there are a few really great titles (SMG, Super Paper Mario, ZeldaTP, Warioland ShakeIt etc), but they are all on the used shelves if they want to save some money since they have been out for quite a while now.

I really want to get more play out of quality titles that enable the PROPER usage of the Wii controls (like SMG, SPM etc.) but on a higher accuracy model, yet titles in that range are 99% 1st party/inhouse devs that should be able to pump out WAAAAY more games than they have in 2-3 years already (especially since coding for the Wii isn't all that difficult)...and enough already with the shovelware!

I hope there is more to the Wii in the near future than just the gimmick of the controller being used as it's "draw", because if not then Ninty have last focus on what they where originally based on...awesome, deep, amazing storied & innovative games, in it themselves, WITHOUT having to fall back on just a joystick for the "Awe".

belal3324d ago

i dont think anyone was impressed? everything nintendo shoved was casual, and 2 games that are ment for hardcore ( mario galaxy 2 or what the name is and metroid)...

microsoft shoved me some interesting games like crackdown 2 and left 4 dead 2, but thats about it... i dont like natal or halo.

sony on the other hand shoved me new ips, many games that i have had on my list and the psp go. again: i am not into motion skit. maybe if sony use their motion to produce a hardcore zombie game ( that woul be soli), then maybe i wil buy it.

have you guys noticed that sony are the only ones that lacks zombie games? 360 has left 4 dead and dead island, while we have dead rising 2 only? i want more zombie games from sony:P

Equinoxe_73324d ago

Have in mind, im a giga Sony fanboy.

But I think Microsoft have det best show, and the best flow, I don't care about celebraties, steven spielberg and Ringo Star, Poul McCartny.

But Sony have too many numbers, the first hour where boring, but Sony have the most interesting games, and more 1 party games, thats what counts.


I want to know your convoluted reasoning ?

What I saw was games from Sony not stars and new hardware and a Rockstar exclusive and new final fantasy

ChulHakSan3324d ago

Sorry but i have to disagree
first of all fanboys are not reasonable when it comes to their side, and they would never admit defeat, may be I am wrong but I think that would be hard, on teh other hand I so the whole conference and the conference was mostly games, may be the first 5 min were numbers but then they started talking about games and it was very well done
But in the end it all comes done to personal opinions

qface643324d ago

sunny won yes yes we all know it she was that smart the world owes sunny much thanks for that amazing work in MGS4 x]

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