Perry: PSP Go mobile phone tech is 'the next logical step'

Shiny founder David Perry believes that the next logical evolution of the PSP Go is to include Sony Ericsson's mobile phone service for the device.

Perry – who proclaimed the potential of a PSP Go-like device as far back as 2007 – offers his view as part of Develop's panel discussion on Sony's new handheld, where eight leading developers give their verdict on the new device.

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sinncross3357d ago

I actually agree.

I feel that when the PSP2 arrives there should be an SKU which offers cellphone capabilities: this way will allow gamers who just want the gaming functions to get a SKU targeted at that, and those who want the cell phone addition to the gaming device, to have that option.

I personally would get a PSP Go Mobile esque item if it was offered... price could be a bit hefty though.