Natal Will Have "Real, Hardcore" Games

Escapist: The Xbox 360's Natal won't just be all casual games and virtual boys in your TV - it'll have "real, hardcore triple-A" titles, according to Microsoft.

The experience, a representative from Microsoft said, could work to provide simultaneously enjoyable experiences for hardcore and casual gamers alike where the 360 reads Natal and controller inputs simultaneously, like a Halo type game where one player will using the controller while the other uses Natal to chuck grenades or drive.

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Hiruma Youchi3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )


By Watching the Games on the Wii

No more heroes
Resident evil Umbrella

I can Confirm that yeah , Natal will have Hardcore games to But is it worth being submited as news?


qface643392d ago

he says the truth

also i think this is a duplicate story

Syronicus3392d ago

But will there be enough to warrant the purchase (as a hardcore gamer) of the peripheral? That is the biggest question I have, what will it cost and will it ever have enough games to warrant my purchasing it?

sniper-squeak3392d ago

..once 4D gaming technology has been developed too. It will literally feel like ur "in the game".

Might actually feel a bit wierd. Like nausea... they already have a name for that... "simulator sickness". There's gonna be a lot of cases lol.

Qui-Gon Jim3392d ago

My prediction is that Microsoft will put Natal-exclusive features into Halo: Reach. Millions of Halo fans will buy Natal for that reason alone, creating an install base of hard-core gamers for Natal who will then also share it with the rest of their casual-gamer family members.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3392d ago

And now starts the manipulation...

madmonkey03392d ago

i am lost, will it take two players to be able to play hardcore games on natal then? one to dance about and the other to use a controller?

XDF3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

The Key Point here is Natal can read motion and controllers input simultaneously. Think of the possibilities.

SaberEdge3392d ago

I agree. There are nearly limitless combinations that can be done using various elements of traditional physical controls and the new Natal technology. It isn't an either/or proposition. That is what excites me about it. I can see hardcore games as well as more casual games benefiting from this.

madmonkey03392d ago

if you think about it, that is the same as the PS3 and wii

SaberEdge3392d ago

How are you going to be able to use a tradition controller at the same time you are holding motion tracking wands?

Information Minister3392d ago

I think you're missing the point. What madmonkey is saying is that the main selling point of project natal is the absence of a physical controller. But if you have to use one in order to play games, then there goes the feature right out the window, putting project natal right in the same level as the Sony and Nintendo motion controllers.

But hey, what do I care? My opinion on motion controls is well know here.

archemides5183392d ago

saberedge u dont' even need the wands for what the article say, ps eye alone can do head tracking DUH

madmonkey03392d ago


you wouldnt need to use a traditional controller becuase the wii mote ,and PS3 thing have buttons. so they could be used as a normal controller.

like using the wii mote instead of a gamecube remote in a wii.

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rupi3392d ago

Haha. This is beyond awesome.

Jockamo3392d ago

They are employing Epic, Rare, and Lionshead to make the first generation of these games, as confirmed in a recent article. I can see something hard core coming out of those studios.

I hope it'll be fun!

New Magic Carpet Game FTW!!

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