PepsiCo Launches Mtn Dew World of Warcraft Game Fuel ads on TV and Radio

PepsiCo announced officially its partnership with Blizzard Entertainment to promote the limited edition World of Warcraft Game Fuel by Mountain Dew which comes in two flavors: Citrus Cherry and Wild Fruit.

Advertising will go widespread on TV and radio throughout the summer.

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Medievaldragon3356d ago

Wish I could see these ads. Bet the cinematics department worked on these.

Maticus3356d ago

We won't get to see them at all here in the UK, or get a chance to claim one of the pets :(

badkolo3356d ago

isnt citrus cherry the halo flavor, i think it is, the orange colored one, if so that is the best tasting thing ever made.

FragMnTagM3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It needs to be a regular drink. Just needs to be drank in limited amounts it is bad for you. That is usually how it goes though. If something tastes really good, it is usually bad for

If there is a god, he is one cruel mother f'er.

Not sure what the purple one is flavored, some sort of berry, but that one is really good also. Now the Halo haters might be able to drink it now that it doesn't have the chief on it.