Final Fantasy XIV: A New Hope?

Final Fantasy XIV promises to be an 'evolved' game of Final Fantasy XI. While ZAM already knows that it's the same team developing both (and has been for the past four or five years), Nobuako Komoto, the director for Final Fantasy XIV, points to the fact that they are looking to take everything they've learned from Final Fantasy XI and apply it in XIV.

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-MD-3330d ago

I'm pretty excited for this I wonder if they plan on keeping it turn based like 11.

GameGambits3330d ago

Really the only tweaks necessary are inclusion of solo play for all jobs through all levels for those who want it AND re-balancing the jobs/starting from scratch on the jobs they had in 11. SAM is the only damage dealer you really need in FFXI and it shows. Hopefully those will be the two things they will have learned and if they have then I will have 6 years stolen from me like 11 did.