The Secret E3 Announcements you Didn't Know About

"Below you will read about many of the secrets of E3; secret in that they did not come with a press release or a screenshot, nor was the information released to anyone walking by. It was heard whispered behind backs, imparted across beers or was pried out via targeted questioning. Nothing can be considered anything more than a rumour as some of it may never eventuate when all is said and done, or be flat out denied by those involved. And in the end it is my interpretation of the way events unfolded rather than facts on a sheet. But if you like your games, certainly there will be plenty for you to chew on as in the chaos of E3, it all happened…"

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Sucks2BU3393d ago

Love this stuff. Very interesting theory about the FFXIV announcement. As an Aussie though, it was Forza 3 having Holdens which just brough a big smile to me face.

Saigon3392d ago

the biggest surprise was how MS once again stole MGS:R...No wonder Kojima was pissed...

Solidsnakex233392d ago

from who and what? I don't remember that the new MGS was exclusive... Also you act as if Snake never made an appearance on the Xbox at all. Did we all forget MGS 2 came out on the xbox? also, did we all forget Snake was on Nintendo as well? I just don't understand people now a days

IdleLeeSiuLung3392d ago

A lot of good tidbits. I want more of this and less of who won E3....

blackbeld3392d ago

^^^^^ It's Metal Gear Rising..... NOT... Metal Gear Solid Rising....

Kojima didn't mention Solid for this multiplat game... and it's not the MGS4 team but another team from Konami...

SaberEdge3392d ago

No, check again. It is Metal Gear Solid Rising. I think it is cool that it will be exploring Raiden's story. I love Snake, but his story is pretty much told and I think Raiden is a cool character to build a game around.

Sheikh Yerbouti3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I think his theory explains Kojima's reaction. I think he knew some folks at Sony would be ticked-off, and wanted to smooth over the situation.

It also explains why Jack said FFXIV was exclusive when that wasn't true either. I guess that Square Enix didn't know that favor included exclusivity.

Jack should have ran a trailer for Mass Effect and 'lied' about that instead. I'd bet that would make Greensburg crap his pants green. LOL!

ExcelKnight3392d ago

Jack never said FFXIV was exclusive. He said it would be the only *console* you'd be able to play the game on.

Whether or not that holds true also remains to be seen, but for now PS3/PC still counts as *console* exclusive, even though it isn't really exclusive.

JL3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

some mildly interesting bits of news here. i always do like seeing that behind-the-scenes kind of stuff. actually halfway surprised Sony still has that kind of favor with SE, after the way SE has sort of been ignoring them for the most part this generation, thought SE had turned their backs on Sony. and that does explain why Kojima was a bit pissy. Also, i don't get this big deal about the charge towards developers on PSN. no matter how much you sell, they're still only charging you a percentage. a very small percentage of the total you're charging for the DLC.

one thing though, here's what i don't get: why is it that Jack can go out and say "console exclusive" and he gets flamed left and right for "lying" and/or being misleading. yet i can't even begin to tell you how many times MS came/comes out and just flat out says something is exclusive when it's so evidently not (whether it be because of timed deal or, more often than not, it coming out on PC). and then fanboys let MS slide on this and even keeping adding these xbox/pc games to their exclusive lists when they go on their "let's compare our e-penis" kicks?

i for one am on the fence on whether or not to call them exclusives (ie mass effect2, l4d2, the agency, ffxiv). on one hand no they're not technically exclusive because they're on pc too. but on the other hand, they might as well be exclusive because most people don't have PCs powerful enough to run them properly. The point being: jesus christ people, pick an argument and stick with it. don't call one side a liar and then support the other side (though by the way, at least Jack did say it was the only CONSOLE you could play it on).

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ajay_solidsnake3393d ago

Sony never told all the games can run on the big why gameplayer is makin a fuss out of it...

Sucks2BU3393d ago

They said that the full screen display equates to the full 1080p experience, but that FFXIII couldn't run at the high res. Hence, FFXIII wasn't of the highest standard possible.

Sarcasm3393d ago

I don't get it, FFXIII looked fine to me. Especially on the PSN video. It doesn't look "low-res" or anything, in fact it looks exceptional overall.

iANONYMOUS3392d ago

Well, It's multiplayer,
What do you expect? Graphics like KZ2?
MMO games should have an average graphics like WoW, to make online game go smoothly.

Arnon3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

The boat scene is running off of the in-game engine. Looks VERY nice for a MMO. Blows everything else out of the water.

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SaberEdge3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Some snippets from the article:

"Project Natal not only works, but developer kits have been in the hands of studios around the globe for months."


"Resident Evil 5’s DLC was very close to becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive. This had nothing to do with Microsoft spending money, and everything to do with Sony charging developers a hefty fee for each piece of DLC downloaded. As it was told to me; there is a cut off point where a game’s popularity makes it not worth putting on PSN – the more something is downloaded, the more it costs. An eleventh hour agreement from Sony to allow Capcom free downloads saved the day."

No, it can't be. As we all know, Sony is perfect and Microsoft, being the evil company that they are, only get exclusive DLC if they buy it. /sarcasm

"Halo: ODST will only sell in retail box form – not as DLC - and will come on two discs. One disc will have the ODST experience which is approximately the same length as Halo 3, the second will come with all the DLC already made available to Halo 3 and another three exclusive maps."

Expansion? Suuure. This is a full game in its own right and an awesome deal to boot.

3393d ago
Syronicus3393d ago (Edited 3393d ago )

Anybody can tell me something like that but it doesn't mean that it is true. When websites post up stuff like that with little to no real sources, only the term "he told me" or "they said so", it only shows that they are hiding something. My feeling is this, very few folks that would even bother mentioning this to the public know about the inner financial workings of both Sony and Capcom and to speculate on how they make their deals for DLC is just as silly as people speculating about MS and their DLC dealings. Two wrongs do not make a right.

As for the Halo:ODST title... It is a full retail game and looks pretty cool. From what I have read and heard through podcasts, it will be more akin to an open world game with objectives all over the map and allowing you to encounter those objectives as you see fit. It sounds pretty cool and will be a solid rental for me.


"Project Natal not only works, but developer kits have been in the hands of studios around the globe for months."

Not trolling nor trying aything... But almost the same sentence was used before with Sony's Playstation Motion Controller in an article posted here on N4G.

It can just be the case, but it's pretty uncommon that both consoles had this in the same advanced stage all this time and it didn't leak... For sure, we heard about motion control in both consoles all the time, but we didn't have clues on the camera part or the specific details (the only detail I remember id from Sony's splitable/breakable controller, but I don't know iff the E3 prototype was like this) or even images...

Maybe it's just the media making stuff up to say "my favorite console is the original, they have it for longer and in more advanced stage" (because journalist do have favs, and actually, it's pretty clear), since none of the sites that I have seen using this argument, never said it for both consoles.

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ukilnme3392d ago

Well, it is. Does not take much to see it.

TFalcon94943392d ago

can somebody tell why ps3 fanboys go through every comment and if the see words like "xbox" ; "ps3 lacks" ; or anything dissing there beloved Sony , they get all affended and lash out; if car companies took it that seriosly we would have a full fledged war. but seriously who would win Ford or Chevy.

ShabzS3392d ago

wat happened here ... that is some heavy modding up there ?

DaCandyman3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Natal being in the hands in some of the developers hands MONTHS ago seems rather funny considering that this tech was just fully (patented) acquired by Microsoft after they received the overwhelming response from the audience.

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Uzesgelen_Goo3393d ago

friend of mine said he played demo of Yakuza 3 on english that means SEGA??!!! yeeeey v(- ^_^ -)v

heyheyhey3393d ago

who, what, where???

don't be bullsh!tting when it comes to Yakuza 3 now.. was it in the article?

Uzesgelen_Goo3393d ago

on E3. and that was only for insiders press (sorry for bad english)
@disagree? disagree all you want but i believe SEGA will release Yakuza 3 in 09winter or 2010.(because now demo turned english that means game will be turned english next year i mean langauge turn not game story turn hehe sorry(^^')

3393d ago
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