PSX Extreme: White Knight Chronicles Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "We did a preview for this game way back in 2006 but clearly, it's well past time to issue an updated preview for the sake of all those role-playing fans out there. Heck, this project doesn't even have the same title anymore! Originally known as White Knight Story, it has since been changed to White Knight Chronicles, and we've also learned that it will definitely come to North America at some point. On top of which, we've got new interviews, details from E3, and of course, the handy-dandy Fact Sheet straight from SCEA. And so, we embark on the most informative, in-depth, up-to-date preview of one of the most anticipated PS3 RPGs."

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GameGambits3388d ago

Is the release date really Dec 2009? It took them a YEAR to localize this game for western audiences really?!

Honestly it seems somewhat pointless to even bring it to the West if they make us wait this long. The sales will be poor since they didn't roll it out at the top of the buzz for it.

I'll play it, but game devs need to think ahead of time so year long waits don't occur. :(