Gamer Limit Review: Knights in the Nightmare

Gamer Limit writes "Every once in a while, a game will come along and blow everything you knew about a particular genre out of the water. For instance, remember the first time you played Portal? Do you recall that complete sense of awe you had when attempting to unlock the secrets of using both color portals at once? What about the complete feeling of satisfaction you receive when you finally figure it out?"

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chrisjc3394d ago

This game makes all the right moves, and is unique in the process.

A shmup mixed with a strategy RPG? Count me in, especially when a large majority of it is curtain fire.

PS360WII3393d ago

This game is nuts :) So much can be going on at times it's great

Homicide3393d ago

I can't wait to pick this up. The art style is what got me interested.

JQ3393d ago

I'd never even heard of this until reading this review - I'll check it out.