110° MAG PS3 Concerns

As if creating a massively multiplayer online shooter boasting 256 character battles wasn't enough, The devs that brought us the super successful SOCOM series are now promising to deliver a robust combat experience with no slow down and intuitive tactical battle.

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Gun_Senshi3356d ago

Please check it.

Just like BF2 Clan. We always played together in square, rerolling leader to respawn (until nerf) and working together (Balanced classes in squad ETC)

Just Like Socom Clan too.

Also I noticed in SOCOM Confrotation, the comunity is mature. Everyone has mic and talks for tactics and alerting others example saying "Sniper north building" which saves a team from wipeout.

50CALheadshot3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

true, this game emphasizes STRATEGY. looking at the vids you can clearly see the potential to kick some major ass.

dragunrising3355d ago

I'm really looking forward to the game as I'm confident it will get team combat right. I agree, Socom and Warhawk fans will be at home in MAG. The chain of command aspect is simple but intuitive- players with more experience will get leadership. I hope the game gives players incentive to "follow orders" outside of punishment and/or booting the player. The developers never spoke about medals or other rewards for winning. I'm sure there is plenty more to discover.

Lifendz3355d ago

which is cool...but I don't think most online players can work together effectively. Heck, I can't even get medics in KZ2 to heal. People with the repair badge simply don't fix anything. Now I'm going to expect these same people to listen to me if I'm squad leader?

Trebius3355d ago

Well Lifeendz...I agree with you on the fact that many online experiences include the 1 or 2 people that are recluses or just deviate from the plan and do their own thing. Supposedly this game is meant to make team effort a MUST as opposed to an option. The people that purchase this game and are thinking right now "I'm gonna be an awesome leader! I cant wait!" are the ones that you want to play with. And who WOULDNT want to be a top ranking leader?

All I'm saying is, I'm happy there's a system which makes it very motivating to play "NICE" and follow pretty souped about this game.

Lifendz3355d ago

"The people that purchase this game and are thinking right now "I'm gonna be an awesome leader! I cant wait!" are the ones that you want to play with. And who WOULDNT want to be a top ranking leader?"

I agree. Those people that buy thinking that are going to be awesome to play with. But c'mon man, you've played the team orientated games online. Rarely do you get a team that works together. Don't get me wrong; when it happens it's friggin awesome. But after dealing with so many jerks I just can't see this game working on a massive scale unless I get in a good clan.

I hope I'm wrong though. Mag seems to have a ton of potential.

BattleAxe3355d ago

This game will truely revolutionize the FPS genre.

cyberwaffles3355d ago

even though quake wars enemy territories ended up having average reviews for consoles, the teamwork made the game immensely fun. you actually had to communicate with your teammates to get the job done. if someone was a medic but needed an assault person to destroy a vault, your teammate yells, "i need assault!" and you reply "i'm on the way." after you destroy the vault, you need a covert ops to hack the computer so you ask for a covert ops and while he's hacking, he yells back "watch my back, i almost have it hacked." some enemies run into the base you're hacking; you yell "enemies are coming in from the back!" everyone preemptively awaits to attack them. one of your teammates gets heavily injured so you call for a medic to restore your health and they reply "ok i got ya."

and this is a game where you weren't forced to do things to accomplish objectives. MAG, on the other hand, requires you to obey your objectives and when you actually go along with the rules of the game, its a hell of a lot more fun. games generally give you the option to complete missions such as killzone 2, where as MAG mandates you to follow your squad leader's commands, and where the squad leaders have to obey their platoon's orders, and where platoon leaders have to listen to their other companies for direction.

if a game is built on the ground up for teamwork and it's a necessity to work together, they generally end up being more tactical and fun. games like call of duty or halo will never be that way because everyone just run n' gun and do lone wolf tactics and sadly because of the simplicity of those games, they tend to garner more attention from the little 10 year old prepubescent kids who cuss and talk sh!t constantly.

MAG is most likely going to do 1 out of 2 possible things for gamers.

1) if players are assholes and insubordinate, they will never win, rank up, or get to experience the full package of MAG and will most likely turn away from ever playing the game again which would help the MAG community filter out the dingbats from true teammates.


2) the nature of the game will actually force players to play together, obey chain of command, communicated, play tactically, and most importantly, have a more immersed style of gameplay.

i had doubts about MAG, but after seeing gameplay of this and knowing Zipper's track record for their past SOCOM online games, i fully trust them that they know how to weed out the gamers who would otherwise ruin the online experience.

rockleex3355d ago

This is the perfect game for FPS clans. ^_^

Imagine a clan of 128 players going against another clan of 128 players. O_O

Tactics and strategy will either make or break you. >:D

evrfighter3355d ago

clan of 128 players? what gaming utopia do you live in. I noticed a lot of predicting of having to use actual teamwork in this game. While I won't bash you for it, I'll just say welcome to pc gaming circa 2005. This was an idea that many games around that time period promised to bring but failed to deliver. Bf2's Project Reality mod is the only thing that came remotely close in delivering a realistic but really fun shooter.

As for MAG the only term that comes to mind when I think about the numbers its going to bring in pubs is "zerg rush".

ThanatosDMC3355d ago

I'm so gonna shoot my team leader then... how dare he tell me what to do! I'm a lone wolf sniper whore in games like BF2 and the like.

Tony999Montana3355d ago

The devs stated that you receive extra xp points or whatever if you complete your leaders orders. So the player would have to be stupid not to do what he's told. People blindly follow the missions which games sets them in single player games so what problem should there be following another person's missions?

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DA_SHREDDER3355d ago Arent these the same dudes who ripped off's name? LOL!

TheIneffableBob3355d ago

I don't see the resemblance other than the word 'bit'.

DA_SHREDDER3355d ago

Hmm sure, whatever you say. Hsu. LOL!

fuckoffodion3355d ago

Don't take that douche seriously.

Allowen3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Probably got to join a guild in MAG to be worth the fun .

I mean, without a guild is a so strategic game is madness, was ok to be alone in a 30 VS 30 team death match in a game such Resistance 2 but I can't see that happening in MAG.

Not sure if this FPS is for me since I like to act like RAMBO some times and I normaly play after 22:00 and so I evade using a mic to not make much noise in my building.

cyberwaffles3355d ago

10:00PM isn't late to be loud, i yell all the way past 5:00AM.

table3355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

This game could well be the new haven for ps3 clans but because most people arn't serious gamers MW2 will get more love.

Beast_Master3355d ago

I know people that only buy Madden and COD every year, so your right I don't see this game grabbing up that crowd, but I do think all of the old Socom fans are drooling over this title. I hope they pick up the PS3 and join the party.

dogmeat eater3355d ago

The perks and everything where fun for a long time. But now the COD series is just gotten old. Theres so many better online shooters out there. Such as MGO. COD games just don't take any skills. I remember getting at least a 15 kill streak every match in COD4.

gokuss1220023355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

sad but true.

The fact that everything in the game is executed by live players is just amazing. During the E3 demo, when the commander sent the signal that the area was clear, and the choppers came uniformly flying in (allowing for new spawn points); should have sold everybody.

(I keep bringing this up but...) If Someone (possibly the army i.e. A.A.) sponsors M.A.G and it is made available for free (just like rag-doll Kung-Fu) there would/should be absolutely no reason for anyone to have anything bad to say about it.

free sponsored game trend ftw!!!!!

if someone disagrees, please don't just click 'disagree'. Reply to the comment specifically stating what you are disagreeing with and/or why you are disagreeing. Otherwise it would just be assumed that you are a troll.

callahan093355d ago

I didn't disagree. I think sponsorship would be cool, but I doubt it would happen.

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