Diehard GameFAN: The Sims 3 Review

As the first true new Sims title since 2004, The Sims 3 uses most of the classic gameplay and controls and cannibalizes elements from The Sims 2 to try and create what they call a new experience. What you get is a slim version of the game that loads and runs beautifully and looks great but is missing many of the options and objects you started with in The Sims 2. While Diehard GameFAN enjoyed the game and will be playing it more than The Sims 2, people looking to truly customize and mod the game should wait until those tools are available.

Anyone seeking to create their own true neighborhoods should pass as that option just isn't there. If you're looking for something with more glitz and glam than the older titles and don't mind giving up some of your options, this sim experience might be for you.

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