Joystiq: Just Cause 2 looks amazing in developer walkthrough video

"Now you can see why our preview of Just Caust 2 was so glowing ... it has 62% more chutes! Yes, it looks this good. Lead game designer Peter Johansson from Avalanche Studios takes us through the game with his sexy accent, and base jumping / parachuting alone looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Seriously, why has no one developed a skydiving game? (Mention Go! Sports Skydiving and we'll hurt you.)"

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WildArmed3329d ago

This might be a sleeper hit :D
Can't wait!

40cal3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

The game looks alright, but right off of the bat, I hate it when a games character moves at the waist like G.I. Joes, and who dose this guy think he is with the grappling hook, Batman? Bionic Commando? The gun play also looks weak.

The free fall at the beginning was awesome but the constant parachute deployment for short distance gliding is to unrealistically for my taste.

I liked the first Just Cause but based off of this video I will be passing on this one.

WildArmed3329d ago

see if u bothered actually watching the video u'll see.

btw, PSP/ps2 games are just as great as ps3/360 games.
only an idiot would think that.
GoW2 is just as great as any ps3/360 game, even though its on ps2.

gameplay matters, and looks like just cause 2 will deliver.

error 743329d ago

so what is this an XBLA game???????
it looks like a $10 to $15 game

WildArmed3329d ago

lol its a retail game 4 ps3/360.
I guess the video isn't HD so it doesn't do justice to u or the game.

Well hopefully we'll get some video down the road.
Maybe that'll change ur mind?

Why dis3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

You're smoking dope dude. You seen the 360 buttons and turned on the game like a rabid dog. This game has some of the best sandbox graphics I have ever seen.

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