WoW: More MP5 On Gear Incoming

Mana regeneration has been a hot issue for raiding healers during this expansion. Basically, they had far too much of it in tier 7 content, to the point where they could ignore their mana bars in many situations.

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TheRealSpy023328d ago

They nerfed spirit. that hurt priests and druids. pallies are and have always been the most OP class, and they always will be the most OP class. they are the most played, the most exploited, and the easiest to use. blizzard is too worried about losing money to ever give them a real nerf.

i don't need more mp5...i want more spirit...

TheAntiFanboy3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I heard Goku spent a few too many episodes sapping the universe's spirit energy so he can fire that damn spirit bomb. And he missed too! Blame him. -.-

(Oh, and on a relevant note, as a resto druid who misses his lifebloom, I wholeheartedly agree.)

Mutley4163328d ago

Pallys...hate em...Everybody in PVP uses