NextGen Player: Uncharted 2 was a Show Stealer

NextGen Player writes:

"There were so many great games shown off at this year's E3 I'm still reeling from the excitement. It seemed like the "Big Three" console makers each brought their 'A' game as their press conferences were for the most part, very impressive. With so many great games on display, it was hard to choose my best of show pick, in fact I debated over it for hours. Splinter Cell: Conviction brought the visuals, God of War 3 brought the action, New Super Mario Bros. Wii brought the multiplayer, Modern Warfare 2 brought the gunplay, but it was Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that really seemed to have it all."

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UnSelf3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

i agree


if U2 stole the show then GOW3 was entirely its own separate show

paulhunter3274d ago

Yeah, God of War 3 looked mighty impressive. The only reason why I wouldn't give it game of the show is because it's still a little too early for the game. Uncharted 2 looked to be 100% polished, and had the perfect combination of graphics, story, action and multiplayer.

WildArmed3274d ago

I think U2 was like mindblowing.
GoW3 would have had the same effect if it wasn't rushed in.
Sony had alot of stuff to show, they lost track of time.

GoW3 n U2 are easily the best things i saw at E3.

Oh and the videos on the internet do not do the game justice. The beta alone looks phenomenal.

UnSelf3274d ago

i can only imagine how great it looks in the beta. but ima be patient til november. prototype, infamous and Sigma 2 should hold me down til then.

i am currently unemployed ill have u kno.

unemployment checks FTMFW

WildArmed3274d ago

lol whats with the FTMTW?
im clueless.

either way, its better to hold out.
It'll be alot more fun.
I got infamous 4 as a b'day gift, n got the beta with it.
otherwise no games 4 me.. imma poor college kid :/

UnSelf3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

poor college kid #2 here.

FTMFW = for the motherf*ckin win or world lol

good thing the governments got my back though

Financial Aid FTW lol

edit: hmm mr bubbles........i like the sound of that. +back

WildArmed3274d ago

i know that feeling xD
+bubbles mr. bubbles

50CALheadshot3273d ago

uncharted multiplayer is off tghe hook

Sarcasm3273d ago

Wow Uncharted 2 is getting universal appraise (as it should).

Nobody can deny it (except 360 fanboys) that Uncharted 2 is an amazing game. Gameplay and graphics and multiplayer.

Acidicpack3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Yes uncharted 2 in my opinion stole the show and with so many great games that it was up against. Hell after watching the SP demo played on the big screen at E3 I popped in uncharted 1.

Its going to be another great holiday this year. But Uncharted 2 is at the top of my list.

Uncharted 2

Mass Effect 2

Modern Warfare 2

Assassin's Creed 2

Bioshock 2

Hydrolex3273d ago

I was saying OMFG everysecond of the trailer that Drake goes on the roof of buildings !! I WAS LIKE HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *****

Hydrolex3273d ago

Uncharted is the Graphic Kings,


- Uncharted 2
- Killzone 2
- MGS 2

all the Graphic kings are ps3 exclusives somehow

Pistolero3273d ago

But he did say "Splinter Cell: Conviction brought the visuals" and I agree they look the best to me. Uncharted 2 is also a game with the best graphics. Why fight? There are good graphics on both the machines.

beavis4play3273d ago

the thing is........after watching kratos rip the head off a guy and disembowel a centaur, SP looks pretty "vanilla".

Downtown boogey3273d ago

"Splinter Cell: Conviction brought the visuals"

raztad3273d ago

UC2 is amazing but GoW3 looks GODLY, and it has several months ahead of to be polished and improved even more. Do you imagine the head ripoff in 1080p? OMG :D

Regarding Conviction, that game looks gorgeous but not technically amazing, it for sure deserves prise, but I'm more impressed with Lost Planet2. UC2 is just superior to both of them w/o any doubts. The amount of stuff happening on the UC2 demo, the unbelievable draw distance and the almost cgi-like graphics is off the hook.

boodybandit3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

You joined (supposedly / rolls-eyes) N4G yesterday and have done nothing but make ignorant remarks and fanning flames. You do realize it only takes a couple seconds to check a persons profile to see the type of member/contributor they are?

Anyway a few of your remarks:
"Nelson M, a ps3 fanboy of the highest order who says that he joined the petition and I can virtually guarantee that it's not because he is just a concerned Valve fan. So no it is not beyond ps3 fanboys to do such a thing."

Oh BTW Pisterol, if you are brand new to N4G how would you know who is and is not a fanboy and which side of the fence they swing from?

"ps3 lineup is weak....the only good game is Uncharted 2...the rest is going to fall flat. 360 lineup is much better."

"Sour grapes. most games look better on 360 so this is not surprising."

"Lame excuse. Every game magazine I have ever read understands the concept of console exclusive. Why is it only ps3 loyalists that don't understand it? I think we know why."

"exactly for that reason we know PS3 is not as powerful as lie to tell us that but it cannot be true."

Back on topic:
I own both consoles and I am purchasing both games (Splinter Cell and Uncharted 2) you are comparing. All I have to say is I hope you honestly cant repeat what you just did in your 1.12 response above while keeping a straight face. If you can I think it's time to see a medical expert and get a complete check up. Starting with your eyes.

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360DownINflames3274d ago

Not to mention its not run on the buggy UT engine which was the biggest down fall of Gears 1 and 2

El_Colombiano3273d ago

Your username is wrong. Its up in flames!

Neo6043273d ago

proven AAA from unchart one.

themyk3273d ago

if i were GOD i would eliminate the need for the letter A just so people would stop using the term "AAA"

aaaaahaahhahhahahhahhhhhhahhh hhahhhhah i hate it. it's just turned into flamebait.

AAA should just mean a big popular game not this 90 average crap.


aldesko3273d ago

I always thought AAA meant "must play", not sure where this 90+ meta crap came from. I love seeing people who say a game isn't AAA because it has an 89.

Anyways, I'm so glad I have the beta to hold me over until the full game comes out.

beavis4play3273d ago

he said UC was "average" since it had a metacritic of 88 and it wasn't a "true AAA title". ??!! really sad how some people use this stuff as fanboy rhetoric.

so, i agree with this AAA nonsense. when you play a game, you can tell the quality. you don't need metacritic or some bogus "AAA" description.

Syronicus3273d ago

There is no need for a silly AAA title slapped onto a game that you might like more than others. As the saying goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". As for Uncharted 2, it is my treasure and no matter what people say about it, it will be enjoyed by me many times over.

People who live and breath Metacritic scores need to find a life. I know they serve their purpose but to ignore games based on a score of 89 or less is pathetic.

raztad3273d ago

inFAMOUS is a AAA game for me. I dont care about the meta score, in any case meta is just an average of opinions but mine is what matter. If you are doubting whether or not to get a game meta could be useful, but once you have played it, another person opinion wont make change your mind. I suppose.

Judging just by the beta, UC2 will be day one buy but if you add the universal love UC1 got, its easy to predict we have a winner here.

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themyk3273d ago

i look forward to playing the uncharted series for a long time. i love uncharted man.

theEnemy3273d ago

all along.

And both are exclusive.


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