Hardcore Gamers' Reaction to Microsoft's E3 Conference: An Empirical Study Continues

BitMob writes:

"Upon completing the initial look at's reaction to the Nintendo E3 press conference, I was requested to do the same for the other two conferences. I now present the results from the Microsoft E3 conference, with results from Sony forthcoming.

Methodology: In order to chart these reactions, I assigned a score to each comment. If a comment was optimistic or positive, it scored +1. If it was negative, it scored -1. NeoGAF time stamps each post to the minute, so for every minute interval during the press conference, the sum total of response scores were charted."

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360DownINflames3358d ago

The price has been right, it had a ton of games so dont expect anything to further grow the 360 by very much. My guess is M$ will end up around 50 million sold but who actually knows given how many have broken...

As time goes on Sony will have the upper hand because they built their console to last which M$ clearly did not. DVD9 is going to be a pita and as well I believe the SPU's will only get better with time.