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caliblue153329d ago

I'll stick to inFAMOUS thank you very much.

WildArmed3329d ago

lol and u can tell how the game is by the trophies?

either way
only 2 trophies seem to be time consuming
Au: Achieve a rating of Gold or better in all Events.
and landmark trophy.

Still undecided to get this game.
Dont want a bad after taste of sandbox games.. infamous was mindblowing.

where the hell are all the prototype reviews!? it comes out tomorrow.

caliblue153329d ago

No, I meant inFAMOUS is so amazing. I just do not think this game can do it any justice...

UnSelf3329d ago


on a side note: @1.1 i think i played against u in KZ2. many ppl in that game suck, and i only say that cuz im ok and yet i seriously come in 1st place like 8 out of 10 games. Anyway ur name looks familiar only cuz u was doin good on the other team. Was that you?

WildArmed3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Probably was.
Been playing Killzone 2 since beta. so im pretty decent at it.
Now im more into uncharted 2 beta.
Killzone 2 has lost its place 4 awhile ^^

wat was your psn? (Pm me?)


I agree, infamous is mindblowing. I'm on my 5th run ^^ a well earned plat too :D
But i think i wont shoot down prototype till we get some reviews rolling in.

Jinxstar3329d ago


Well the truth is any game this close to release with no real reviews out is usually a bad sign. I agree with the infamous statement personally but who knows...

Javier193329d ago

People are idiots, you can have both.

Syronicus3329d ago

And look forward to seeing how it lives up to the genre. After playing inFAMOUS, this has some big shoes to fill if I am going to even bother completing it.

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moodymofo3329d ago

yea the lack of a demo or pre release revues makes me a little apprehensive to buy this one and i can see myself criticizing it because its not infamous although there is 1 review from ign on gamerankings that gave it a 9 out of 10 but ill still wait and see some more reviews

aldesko3329d ago

Yeah, that's never a good sign. Regardless, I'll still be renting it like I do with most games before I buy. It looks like it could be pretty damn fun.

vasilisk3329d ago

Got it on Friday (these are the benefits writing for a publication in my country).
The game is mediocre at best. I logged in more than 10 hours and has horrible graphics, repetitive missions and the narrative is awful. Sometimes it can be fun but the overall combat mechanics and gameplay are not good. Also the button mapping is one of the worst I've ever seen. PM me if you want more details.

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MajesticBeast3329d ago

I find it weird still no reviews while ghostbuster has alrdy been reviewed its like they are holding them off till the game releases not a good sign saw some1 do a play through didnt look very spectacular.

Gun_Senshi3329d ago

people on warez (yes it leaked on X360 since 3rd June) are saying its fun for 10 min then repetitive.

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