256 Players...Can MAG Really Work?

Unless you're talking techie-geek stuff -- bits, bytes, and all that -- 256 isn't a very practical number. Yet that's the magical number of players that MAG (which previously stood for "Massive Action Game") supports. With each match lasting 20 minutes or longer, it seems that "practical" is an impossible concept with so many people playing this shooter at once.

Can it work? We had a ton of questions and concerns...and we found the answers at this past E3:

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chrisnick3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

they showed it working, it just needs that one special thing that doesn't make it totally generic. kz2 had the lighting and near genius AI, they have to have their own defining "thing" that makes me say, "man, this is sick"

50CALheadshot3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

i reaally do appreciate what they are bringing to the ps3 console.anyone play battlefield? theres a direct comparison right there.

looking at the maps and realizing that you will have 125 people on your team is a pretty big accomplishment.

the certain aspects of gameplay they showed really are impressive considering the scale of the "war". i hope they can add more polish to the gfx as well. considering that they are pushing 256 players on screen at same time, i wonder if they can?

Gamertags3395d ago

This is one game I have high hopes for. The truth is, I have to see it before I buy it. If the game supports this many players but looks like crap, for me, it isn't worth it. From what I have seen so far, the graphics are not that great.

Of course with that many players some will say, how could it? I am a graphics/sound whore and only the best goes into my collection.

Will this game impress? Wait and see!

Hydrolex3395d ago

Sony is not Microsoft
When Sony say something, they will do it ! or if it doesn't work they try to fix it !

Look at 2 year's agos PS3 when everone was disappointed and thought Sony was lying !

Now look at the PS3, it's mind blowing

Bucky Sligo3395d ago

We are still waiting for 1080p @ 120fps and 4D though.

JoySticksFTW3395d ago

No one reported that the MAG demo was "suspect", just laggy because of E3 horrible internet connection

Syronicus3395d ago

4D was introduced back with Motorstorm and 1080p is quite evident by games like Wipeout HD. As for 120 FPS, that has yet to be seen.

solidt123395d ago

If you watched the E3 conference you would of seen it working, plus it was playable on the show room floor so I would say they have shone that it can work.

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alster233395d ago

sooo... going by this article im amusing that MAG works?

RememberThe3573395d ago

Until is launches, then expect some patches.

ElementX3395d ago

I honestly think there's going to be problems and low review scores for MAG. I don't know much about it other than it's a huge online frag fest, however I have a gut feeling that it will score average or lower.

JL3395d ago

I disagree. "Huge online frag fest"--from what i gather, that's EXACTLY what they're working so hard to avoid. and if they do that and pull this off in getting people to stick with strategy and not make it all utter chaos, then this game could be the most awesome online game i've ever played

40cal3395d ago

Check these out.

This is the war game I have wanted for years. 256 players, squad and rank breakdown, maps the size of a square kilometer, tight aiming, 3 different PMCs, deep character customization, the bevy of vehicles at players’ disposal, like jeeps, tanks, and helicopters all controlled buy real players, command perks, communication jamming, anti aircraft fire, squad and platoon objectives, ect. ect. And a back story that changes the perks and rewards for your PMC as you win or loose the Shadow War buy securing contracts.

I cant wait to get my hands on this later this year.

MajesticBeast3395d ago

Ye cause zipper never actually made a good online o wait they did they made socom.

Danja3395d ago

best comment so far in this thread....

I dont understand why people are doubting this game and it's developer...

Halo3 MLG Pro3395d ago

Sorry to say but SOCOM was one of the buggiest online games ever. In fact the best players in SOCOM would use these glitches to their advantage. Hiding in rocks? Laughable hit detection?

I bet you didn't know that Zipper released a secret second version of SOCOM because the first one was soooo buggy??? Well it's the truth. Considering this is supposed to be like SOCOM but much much bigger and the fact that the ps3 is pretty hard to develop for, I expect a much bigger problem.

Gun_Senshi3395d ago

You fail.

Socom on PS3 is not made by Zipper, but its made by Slant 6.

Also, it WAS buggy at 1st, now its free of bugs and online has always more people then COD4 or CODWaW online (Number of players)

Halo3 MLG Pro3395d ago

And who is talking about Socom on the ps3? I said the original Socom. It's a fact that Zipper secretly released different versions of Socom 1 and 2 because of the insane amount of glitches. That's just a fact dude.

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deshon093395d ago

work as for review scores i could not relay give two sh*t s about review scores

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