1UP: Just Cause 2 Preview

Spending as much time as possible with your feet off the ground. The first Just Cause toyed with the idea, making parachutes more fun than they should be, but the sequel's upgrades seem almost exclusively based on this concept -- you can surf on cars, hijack helicopters, and perhaps most importantly, use your upgraded grappling hook to link each of these actions together. There's a reason the developers start press demos by skydiving down to a boat, driving that boat up a ramp onto land, jumping out in midair, transitioning to the parachute, etc.

Sticking with that theme, the game loves it when you throw enemies to the ground -- whether by using that same grappling hook and pulling them off ledges, or being more creative and tying them to the back of a jeep before driving it around in the latest example of open world torture comedy.

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