Guild Wars 2 Concept Art

The floodgates are starting to leak, but only in the most unusual way. It seems that Kekai Kotaki, the Guild Wars 2 Concept Art Lead, and Daniel Dociu, Art Director, were allowed to use some of the concept art he produced for Guild Wars 2 to advance ArenaNet's and the artist's standing in the art world. Not that said artists need said boost… like at all. Regina Buenaobra was kind enough, in her teasing, to confirm that this was indeed Guild Wars 2 concept art.

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Mucudadada3393d ago

Looks fantastic! I can't wait to get back into the GW universe


This game will be the first game to rape WoW. 100 Levels, 5 races, Epic story and best PvP over any other MMO. Its a fact.

arsenal553393d ago

epic... this game will be

TheIneffableBob3393d ago

First picture reminds me of the Star Trek movie.

Chaos Striker3393d ago

Damn...between Guild Wars 2, SW: Old Republic, and FF14...something has to give (given that they are all free to play). Crap, forgot about Diablo 3 as well. Sacrifices will have to be made...

artgamer3393d ago

This is probably the game NCsoft is developing for PS3 aswell.

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