Sony Showed Motion Controller Over a Year Ago

Examiner: "Sony showed off their PS3 motion controller during their E3 press conference this past week and like Microsoft their concept uses a camera to detect your motions. Strangely enough, Sony had actually shown us this concept a couple years ago."

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pwnsause3325d ago

that video was pretty awesome.

MattyF3325d ago

Agreed. Wonder if this was the rumored PS2 motion controller, too.

RememberThe3573325d ago

This is something this guy has been working on for a while. Nice to see that hes getting his day in the sun. Hopefully they find a use for this technology that the gamers can get into.

PS3istheshit23325d ago

but too bad your gonna have to SAY GOODBYE TO EXODIA!!!!!!!!!!

pain777pas3325d ago

@The Hater that video is exactly why I was astonished at all the hype for the Natal because it is a blatant rip off the eye toy. Regardless, what will make the add on interesting will be the voice recognition for strategy games, Rpgs and whatever. The actual motions will be tacked on or will be minigames.

QuackPot3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Now we know where the Wand name came from.

But this forces you to have to have a eyetoy and be in visual line of sight.

Check this article about another developers magnetic based motion controller:

Note: in possible negotiation with major console makers for possible release in 2010.

Sony should take up this licence instead even though it requires a base station. The technology then can be integrated in a slim Ps3 or the Ps4. I can almost guarantee Nintendo will take up the licence let alone M$.

We could have had this controller in Dec like the PC is going to get. Too late now.

Milky3325d ago

This guy is great. Him and his team have created something very promising, I can't wait to try it out in Spring.

Serg3325d ago

The best current deal on a PSEye I could find right now was 20 Euros, average is about 30 Euros, this is cheap as hell. Plus it's a no brainer that they will bundle the Eye with the wands and sell the wands separately. From what it looks like the wands have sixaxis, dualshock, buttons and bluetooth. This is pretty much a standard controller with LEDs which the PSEye can track. They sure will cost more than a regular controller but don't expect the price to be too high.

Fencefry3325d ago

"Even if it appears wand like, this really isn't the same thing as the revolution controller at all. Since it uses the web cam, it will most likely lack the precision of the revo wand. Not to mention other features like tilt sensitivity and modular attachments."


cliffbo3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )


and that Nintendo patent is more than two years AFTER the PS wand patent :)

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Sangria3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

I really wish Sony develop their motion control glove instead (or as well), having the precision of the full hand in a video game can bring much more interactivity than a Wiimote with a light bulb.

Imagine for example games like Arx Fatalis or Black & White with the glove controller.

Shadow Man3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Fire!! Rasengan!!! *shshhshshhs* If the eyetoy can do this, maybe natal can too by just puting a ball on top of a stick.

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