Valve Dismisses Left 4 Dead 2 Haters, So Do We

As the details come out about Valve's reasons behind releasing Left 4 Dead 2 so quickly, it becomes more and more clear that the L4D2 Boycott Group are simply wrong in their position against the game. Cinemablend provides insight.

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EvilCackle3114d ago

How dare Valve promptly develop a sequel. I was expecting to wait a decade, like with Team Fortress 2.

RKRigney3114d ago

Heh yeah I'm stoked for more Left 4 Dead. I definitely got my money's worth out of the first game. I've had many an awesome LAN party with it as the centerpiece.

WildArmed3114d ago

4 me the center piece of L4D was easily VS mode.
The most fun i've had in VS mode in awhile.

Acidicpack3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

[email protected] I cant wait for LFD 2 to drop on the PC. The first one was a blast. VS mode was great it was very refreshing experience to see mp done this way. The only problem I foresee is that we all have to wight for holidays to get to play it lol

Pistolero3113d ago

I love the first one and will be buying this new one too...

Greedy babies who think everything should be free will be missing out on one of the best games this year.

free2game3653113d ago

A one year development cycle doesn't justify a $50 price tag. I don't see how people don't see that.

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WildArmed3114d ago

I dont know.. if L4D is gonna become the next call of duty franchise with the same game coming out every year with a paintjob..
Valve is known 4 its great support.
Although I am looking 4ward 2 L4D2.. i was hoping 4 it to arrive next year.

simply coz right now im over the L4D experience, unless they do something drastically different in L4D2, i dont see myself getting hooked back up.

Death3113d ago

L4D sucks if it's the same game with a paint job (DLC) and you are over the first game already, but you don't want to see a new game with enhancements for atleast another year. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.


aldesko3113d ago

I don't know why people are so upset. Don't buy games because of future content that may or may not be in them and you'll be set ;-)

nnotdead3113d ago

because Valve promised more support and updates before the game even came out. i will bet 75% of the people in the group will still buy the game, so this will all be meaningless.

aldesko3113d ago

Lesson learned: buy a game for what's available, not what may become available.

I understand where they're coming from, though.

HDgamer3113d ago

Or download it via rapidshare or torrent.

SaberEdge3113d ago

If I remember right, HDgamer, you were supposedly studying to become a game developer and here you are apparently advocating piracy.

Piracy is wrong. Maybe if you actually ever become a developer you will understand why.

mastiffchild3113d ago

As a member of MCPS I know a litle about what it feels like to have your work downloaded for nothing over file sharers.

In principle it's wrong but in reality, I find, most people only pirate copies when they're unsure of a game(and if they like it they then tend to purchase)or if they're too skint to buy it(which effects noone anyway-maybe even makes them more likely to buy the next one if they like it)-it's been the same with songs I've, and everyone else has written.

There are tight people who do it, big pirates who take the mick too but I honestly feel the impact of piracy is over stated even in this day and age. Don't most people want to buy legally if they can?

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Rai853113d ago

Valve at damage controll

JasonPC360PS3Wii3113d ago

Based on your past comments its clear you're just angry its not on the PS3.

Unicron3113d ago

So now, disagreeing with obvious BS is being a "hater?"

Wow. Nice.

Maybe if they didn't stress at every OTHER turn that this game is basically L4D + new skins, I'd be less inclined to be pissed off about it.

But hey, it's Valve! God forbid we question Valve! Hell, people questioned Valve's TF2 update recently, the random drops... guess they were all TF2 haters!

Cinemablend, never fails to be trashy.

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