BioShock 3 - Has 2K said too much?

If you're a fan of the Bioshock series then you have undoubtedly heard all the recent announcements regarding Bioshock 2, and subsequently you have been sitting in your living room contemplating how to create a device that allows you to a) teleport you into a future in which BioShock 2 has already been released or b) cryogenically freeze yourself until that point when the game store dudes call you to pick up your pre order.

For alot of us the recent announcements about BioShock 2's addition of multiplayer have left us considerably conflicted. On the one hand you have a history in Rapture that has been so deeply etched out that sheer thought of the development team spending time on multiplayer features and not on the creation of a convincing sequel is enough to send you into a BioShock! However on the other hand you know that running around with magnum in hand and a plasmid rage coming on, in a multiplayer underwater blitzkreig is definitely going to get the blood pumping.

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Vonsutton3327d ago

is the likely outcome based on your story. Interesting read Kesalin, I'll be curious to see how your theory turns out..

qface643327d ago

wait bioshock 3 would be a prequel?
isn't 2 a prequel as well?
the prequel to the prequel lol nice

Immortal Kaim3327d ago

mmm interesting. Really looking forward to Bioshock 2 actually, except the multiplayer isn't really doing anything for me...

Megatron083327d ago

I'd agree it sounds pretty boring and they didnt really put much thought it to it. Deathmatches are not all that fun

Vonsutton3327d ago

I was also bored by the idea of a multiplayer just tacked on the Bioshock's single player mode, but after reading that theMP may have a story line backing and a reason for being, it peaked my interest.

I guess we'll find out more in the coming months..