Game Revolution: Ghostbusters The Video Game Preview

Game Revolution writes: "Get ready to strap a nuclear reactor to your back and bust some intangible ass. After almost a year's worth of delays, including losing it's original publisher and getting picked up by Atari, Ghostbusters The Video Game is just around the corner and ready to hit the shelves. There's been a lot of hype surrounding this one, after all, it's not everyday a film gets turned into a game 25 years after its theatrical release. Nope. A movies gotta be pretty special for something like that to happen. And while this isn't the first time there's been a Ghostbusters game, it's the first time technology seems to be good enough to actually keep up with the Hollywood-fabricated fantasy of my bygone childhood years."

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Jaces3209d ago

Looking hopeful.

Although, wasn't this a PS3 exclusive or did that go down the toilet?


think its a timed exclusive in Europe but not in the states.