Edge Interview: New SCEE Boss Andrew House

Edge writes: "As its new president, Andrew House is now the head of PlayStation in Europe. Having previously been chief marketing officer and group executive of Sony Corporation, he took over from David Reeves at the end of April, so E3 was his first major presentational event. Tim Clark, editor of our comrades, Official PlayStation Magazine UK, took a few minutes with him during the show to discuss Sony's strategy for Europe, from price points to PSN."

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WildArmed3353d ago

who was SCEE's old boss?

WildArmed3353d ago

ohhh dats right.


Cyrus3653353d ago

David Revees, he leaves sometime this year, I believe End of June or July.

He's gonna retire, but rumor is he might go to Atari with his former boss Phil Harrison.

WildArmed3353d ago

that'd be funny

Phil left 2 be president of atari..
well guess what he is now?
well its not the president atari xD

faisdotal3353d ago

But Ol' Phil left Atari aswell IIRC.

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360DownINflames3353d ago

Atleast he is "pleased" easily..