1UP: Final Fantasy VII Retro Review

Anyway, download FFVII. Ten bucks is a steal considering what the game sells for on eBay, and whether or not gamers ever seen a remake, this will always be the definitive version -- warts and all. It's not ugly, it's just got a great personality.

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WildArmed3326d ago

ahh played it all night when it came out.
Fun as hell ^^
Too many memories associated witht his game.

Tapewurm3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I agree...brings back a lot of memories here as well. I bought my first PS1 with Final Fantasy 7 and Rally Cross (was always a Sega man before FF7 hit)....and now thanks to the PSN...can play both of those on my PSP at any time :) Have been playing off and on since it's re-release on my PSP...almost done with disc 1.... can't wait to see all of those summons on the tiny screen LOL

Speaking of Sega, I wish there were some way Sega would release Panzer Dragoon Saga on the PSN so I could drop that into my PSP....that would rock, but would take an act of God to happen.... they would have to recode the game to run on the Playstation hardware.. so I won't hold my breath.

ALSO: ADJUST YOUR SCREENS PEOPLE...(see some folks complaining about the game concerning screen size on the PSP below in the post) Press your PSP's Home button, go into "Other Settings" and set the screen to "Full Screen"...makes the game use the whole psp screen.

PirateThom3326d ago

Just don't forget to create an internal memory card!!

Anyway, just downloaded this tonight, I couldn't resist since I can't find my copy of the game.

Max Power3326d ago

that sucks a bunch, at least you'll have the digital copy until you find it.

PirateThom3326d ago

Not sure if I've complained about this on here yet or not, but I have two copies of VIII for some reason, but no VII.

WildArmed3326d ago

lol i have 2 copies of FFVIII too
One for PAL regions (used to be in Australia)
and one NTSC..
oh i love that game.

i dont think i ever bought the psx FFVII.

i was playing MGS b4 so i already got a memory card :D

Shadow Flare3326d ago

My favourite game of all time. I played this as soon as it was available to download. And the colours for some reason seem deeper then my disc versions. I love the fact you can transfer game saves from ps3 to psp. I'm currently in the gold saucer desert prison

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raztad3326d ago

I still need to play this game, and now its a good time cause Im done with Crisis Core. Psp ftw.

Btw, someone got RE1? The controls are really awkward. Its just unplayable for me.

dylandurden3326d ago

You must be young. I used to play RE 1 back then in the PSX era, and I still feel comfortable with the constrols. Yes, they're a bit clunky, but you can easily get accustomed to them in days or hours.

The_Zeitgeist3326d ago

I still prefer the old Resident Evil controls. They are part of what gave the old games so much more tension.

Syronicus3326d ago

The controls are exactly as they should be, tough. Todays RE games are for the action minded ammo hog players whereas the old RE games were for those who enjoyed scary, inventory management games with struggling controls. Todays scary games just don't have that old RE flare. Don't get me wrong, Dead SPace and SIREN were and are among my favorite horror games but there is something to be said about RE.

ps921173326d ago

He made a good point about those satire moments not translating well into modern day graphics, but I still think a slightly overhauled remake would do the series well, but problem is will it be great enough to carry on the ff7 name(sorry for calling ff7 great, but I just thought it was).

NathanGra3326d ago

The points the author makes about a full-HD remake of the game are actually pretty sound (although nothing, NOTHING, and I do mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G will ever be as painful as the laugh scene in FFX)... I feel like some scenes and parts would just be utterly bizarre in a complete remake. And this is from a man who considers himself the biggest FFVII fan...

On the other hand, I feel that if they don't cut and chop parts and scenes that they think would appeal to (Western) audiences, they could have that same gem in all its glory once again. Just think about it. FVII truly was a wacky, bizarre, but brilliant game. To take out parts, any parts, would leave me feeling cheated. That personality would simply fall short. But if you left it in the remake, I feel like it would make the game that much better. It would make it unique... define it from any other fit-the-mold Squeenix RPG out there on the market to date.

As the author said, that's what made Advent Children hit a sour note among even the most die-hard FFVII fans. It simply took itself way too seriously. There was only a little of that old FFVII charm. I don't know, it's just an opinion. What do you guys think?

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