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1UP: Final Fantasy VII Retro Review

Anyway, download FFVII. Ten bucks is a steal considering what the game sells for on eBay, and whether or not gamers ever seen a remake, this will always be the definitive version -- warts and all. It's not ugly, it's just got a great personality. (Final Fantasy VII, PS3) -

WildArmed  +   2278d ago
ahh played it all night when it came out.
Fun as hell ^^
Too many memories associated witht his game.
Tapewurm  +   2277d ago
I agree...brings back a lot of memories here as well. I bought my first PS1 with Final Fantasy 7 and Rally Cross (was always a Sega man before FF7 hit)....and now thanks to the PSN...can play both of those on my PSP at any time :) Have been playing off and on since it's re-release on my PSP...almost done with disc 1.... can't wait to see all of those summons on the tiny screen LOL

Speaking of Sega, I wish there were some way Sega would release Panzer Dragoon Saga on the PSN so I could drop that into my PSP....that would rock, but would take an act of God to happen.... they would have to recode the game to run on the Playstation hardware.. so I won't hold my breath.

ALSO: ADJUST YOUR SCREENS PEOPLE...(see some folks complaining about the game concerning screen size on the PSP below in the post) Press your PSP's Home button, go into "Other Settings" and set the screen to "Full Screen"...makes the game use the whole psp screen.
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PirateThom  +   2278d ago
Just don't forget to create an internal memory card!!

Anyway, just downloaded this tonight, I couldn't resist since I can't find my copy of the game.
Max Power  +   2278d ago
that sucks a bunch, at least you'll have the digital copy until you find it.
PirateThom  +   2278d ago
Not sure if I've complained about this on here yet or not, but I have two copies of VIII for some reason, but no VII.
WildArmed  +   2278d ago
lol i have 2 copies of FFVIII too
One for PAL regions (used to be in Australia)
and one NTSC..
oh i love that game.

i dont think i ever bought the psx FFVII.

i was playing MGS b4 so i already got a memory card :D
Shadow Flare  +   2277d ago
My favourite game of all time. I played this as soon as it was available to download. And the colours for some reason seem deeper then my disc versions. I love the fact you can transfer game saves from ps3 to psp. I'm currently in the gold saucer desert prison
raztad  +   2278d ago
I still need to play this game, and now its a good time cause Im done with Crisis Core. Psp ftw.

Btw, someone got RE1? The controls are really awkward. Its just unplayable for me.
dylandurden  +   2277d ago
You must be young. I used to play RE 1 back then in the PSX era, and I still feel comfortable with the constrols. Yes, they're a bit clunky, but you can easily get accustomed to them in days or hours.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2277d ago
I still prefer the old Resident Evil controls. They are part of what gave the old games so much more tension.
Syronicus  +   2277d ago
I'm playing the RE1 remake on the Gamecube at the moment and...
The controls are exactly as they should be, tough. Todays RE games are for the action minded ammo hog players whereas the old RE games were for those who enjoyed scary, inventory management games with struggling controls. Todays scary games just don't have that old RE flare. Don't get me wrong, Dead SPace and SIREN were and are among my favorite horror games but there is something to be said about RE.
ps92117  +   2278d ago
He made a good point about those satire moments not translating well into modern day graphics, but I still think a slightly overhauled remake would do the series well, but problem is will it be great enough to carry on the ff7 name(sorry for calling ff7 great, but I just thought it was).
NathanGra  +   2278d ago
I never really thought of it like that...
The points the author makes about a full-HD remake of the game are actually pretty sound (although nothing, NOTHING, and I do mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G will ever be as painful as the laugh scene in FFX)... I feel like some scenes and parts would just be utterly bizarre in a complete remake. And this is from a man who considers himself the biggest FFVII fan...

On the other hand, I feel that if they don't cut and chop parts and scenes that they think would appeal to (Western) audiences, they could have that same gem in all its glory once again. Just think about it. FVII truly was a wacky, bizarre, but brilliant game. To take out parts, any parts, would leave me feeling cheated. That personality would simply fall short. But if you left it in the remake, I feel like it would make the game that much better. It would make it unique... define it from any other fit-the-mold Squeenix RPG out there on the market to date.

As the author said, that's what made Advent Children hit a sour note among even the most die-hard FFVII fans. It simply took itself way too seriously. There was only a little of that old FFVII charm. I don't know, it's just an opinion. What do you guys think?
Baba1906  +   2277d ago
i love it, it brings back so much memories. it has so much detail and thats what iu missed in 12 and im afraid of not finding in 13. Its the jokes and small things that make it so alive. i hope we ll see some of that in the upcoming ff.
The_Zeitgeist  +   2277d ago
I've been laughing out loud at some of the jokes. Hilarious stuff! Gay body builders wtf!
kevnb  +   2277d ago
I think 12 was great
it gave back whatever you put in to it, the sidequests and exploration was just awesome. It did lack in main storyline, but I forgive it for providing so many other awesome things to do and find.
-MD-  +   2277d ago
I bought it but didn't get very far (only to the first town). I'm still trying to finish up Resident Evil:DC.
SnukaTheMan  +   2277d ago
Great game....
its tough to play on the psp though.
caliman87  +   2277d ago
Plays Well on the PSP
I recommend playing ffvii on the psp because of the graphics are more compatible with the system...being simlar to a ps2. The controls work fine. You just have to read a little...shoot the game even has a tutorial going through the second mission.
kevnb  +   2277d ago
it fits the psp well
especially since you can just throw it into standby.
SnukaTheMan  +   2277d ago
its hard to see where you are goin....
the smaller screen you miss some things.
Tapewurm  +   2277d ago
@ Snuka
Just hit the PSP's Home button and go into "Other Settings"...there you can adjust the screen to "Full Screen" ... can see much better then. Also, hit the select button occasionally and it will show you where your can go on screen :)
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SnukaTheMan  +   2277d ago
thanks tapewurm
here is a bubble for being helpful.
BYE  +   2277d ago
A lot of people who like this write about memories they have with this game.


Is it worth it for people who don't know this game from earlier and are not big on retro gaming?

I don't know it and wonder if I should get it.
-MD-  +   2277d ago
Well it's a good rpg for it's time but the graphics are VERY dated I'm seriously warning you on that one but overall it's worth playing once in your life.

It has some great music and some of the best Final Fantasy characters.
BYE  +   2277d ago
Thanks robaloi and Murderdolls, +bubbles for you guys. I will give this game a try.
dylandurden  +   2277d ago
FF VII is not only one of the best RPGs of all time... it's one of the best GAMES of all time.

It's a classic and an absolute must buy, except if you feel uncomfortable with the old graphics or if you don't like the genre.
KKanjiAnkh  +   2277d ago
Ceekay h311 yes you should be playing this right now. Graphics smaphics, those 3 are right, just remember when it came out and let it ride. I've played FF since the beginning and it's never bothered me to go back on a classic. I'd highly recommend 4 & 6 as well.

Happy Gaming
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The_Zeitgeist  +   2277d ago
I'm not much of a retro gamer either. But if you are any kind of gamer you have to pay your respects to one of the all time greats. I never played FFVII back in high school but I am now and it is great. Seriously if you don't go back and play some of the classics then there is no way that you can truly appreciate the current gen and how far games have come.
kevnb  +   2277d ago
I would say its worth the 10 dollars
it isnt my favorite, but its defiantely a timeless classic. Sometimes the random battles get annoying, but things change up often enough to keep you playing.
Sarcasm  +   2277d ago
Seriously, I've been playing FFVII lately and it's still miles better than some of the RPGs today.

There's just a certain balance that Squaresoft striked with FFVII. The humor, the characters, the story progression, the pacing, the action, the story, everything.
PirateThom  +   2277d ago
If you can get past the graphics, and concentrate on the story, the gameplay, the characters and how vast the game is, you'll really appreciate it. It blows every JRPG this gen to kingdom come. A real testament to just show amazing Squaresoft were back in the day.

I still think VI is a better game though. :P
poopface1  +   2277d ago
ID recomend you play this game if you like rpgs
I hate JRPGS, everyone I ever played except this one. This game is so great that it is one of my favorite games ever. I played it the other day just to hear all the great music again.

I will probably keep this game and the strategy guide forever cause I know Ill want to play it again someday.
San Frandisco  +   2277d ago
Damn,i want this game but i allready have the original (not greatest hits) version in mint condition for my PsX.
funny cuz i bought my copy off my friend for the same price.

FF7 and FF10 are the best Final fantasy's of all time IMO.
ive played all final fantasies since 7 and both 7 and 10 had the best deeply and emotionally drivin storyies.
peeps  +   2277d ago
i'd say 7-9 were the best. 10 was a bit weak imo and shudnt really have followed up with X-2. 11 was online so doesn't really count, but by the time 12 came out i'd kinda lost interest tbh :( hoping 13 gets me back into the serires though.

I might get this at the weekend though cus i only ever borrowed the original off a mate and was only 9 when i played it lol so couldn't fully appreciate it
Sarcasm  +   2277d ago
I'd say

1. Final Fantasy 6 (BEST FF OF ALL TIME)
2. FFVII Followed closely
3. FFX

Bad FF's to me

1. FFXII (got really boring)
2. FFVIII (Some people like it, but it's boring to me too)
3. FFIX (was good for awhile, but didn't like the art direction)
Tapewurm  +   2277d ago
I have all of the original releases of Final Fantasy on disc as well(from 7 on that is), but still bought this just to play on the go with my PSP. Plus I feel it looks pretty good on the PSP's screen. Can't wait for them to put FF 8 and 9 on the PSN too.
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robaloi  +   2277d ago
Ceekay you should definatley get this game, Fair enough the graphics maybe dated but the story is second to none and if you can look past the graphics your in a for a fun time and lots of memories!

I guess theres other people like me, who can remember it first time round and in the twelve/eleven years since I got the game, it is still one of the best games I've ever played.I don't think a game has come close since in matching production value and presentation.
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NathanGra  +   2277d ago
All Great Comments
I think everyone has put it so well. If you haven't bought FVII off PSN, I highly recommend that you do. The game is simply amazing. The graphics are definitely dated, but the music is fantastic, as is the story and characters. I feel that anyone who likes rpgs will be highly rewarded if they can just get back that initial 'shock' of the dated graphics. Truly a masterpiece and one of (I think it is THE) greatest games of all time.
rev20  +   2277d ago
Just about to get myself a golden chocobo good times :D
kevnb  +   2277d ago
so you wont be going outside anytime soon?
rev20  +   2277d ago
Haha yeah, as we speak im sat in the battle arena getting omnislash.

Mime materia is so overpowered its great.
sirbigam  +   2277d ago
Makes me feel the ps3 library of games is more complete and stronger, It kind of a closure for alot of people.
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INehalemEXI  +   2277d ago
Sarcasm  +   2277d ago
Well I think a lot of people have been waiting on this one. Seeing as how it sells for 70 to 90 online, it's ludicrous.

Plus, the FFVII we get now is only $10, AND you can have it on the PSP as well. It's like having two games, one for the PS3 and the other on PSP.
Dante43  +   2277d ago
I played the digital version, but It didn't do it for me, the graphics were too horrible.
lepolohuevo  +   2277d ago
Graphics aren't what makes games good. You can have the best graphics in the world, but if the game is sh*t, the whole thing sucks. Graphics is not an excuse.
MaximusPrime  +   2277d ago
love to see FF8 on PSN. i would definately buy that.
Tex117  +   2277d ago
One could argue that FVII was the begining of a new generation of RPG's. The first MODERN RPG. Thus it gets alot of attention.

FFVI remade with an updated script, graphics and music done with a real orchestra (but the same sound) would quite possibly be the greatest thing in RPG's in the 10 years. Damn that game was epic.

Chrono Trigger would be a grreat remake too, but might to better in the art design of Valkeria Chronicles. Chrono Trigger was more "Fantasy" anyway. (no pun intended)

FFVII was good, but in no way compares to what was captured in both FFVI and Chrono Trigger.
ticklechamp  +   2277d ago
have to agree with you on ff8. never finished that game. got caught up playing the mini-game with the cards. i loaned the game out and it never returned.
jelhello  +   2277d ago
its a great game and will always be no matter how time ages it

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