The Top 7 E3 announcements you missed

GamesRadar writes:

"Ah, another E3 over. And what an E3 it was. It was a veritable clusterf*ck of news. Megatons were going off so often a casual reader couldn't possibly keep up. Hell, we here at GamesRadar barely could and it's our freaking jobs. So it can be forgiven with all the Natals, Metroids and Final Fantasy XIVs that some news that would have been a big deal any other week got missed. But GR has you covered with the 7 most important news items you probably weren't aware of."

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WildArmed3325d ago

the only thing that is gonna be a problem is the slow internet in the USA.
Downloading full retail games might take awhile.
Its probably still faster just to goto the nearest retail store n pick up the game.

This goes 4 both 360 n psp go.
Although PSP go games aren't as big in size as 360.

qface643325d ago

yup especially for me im forced to use that crappy 360 wifi adapter and it would take ages for me to download a full game

ill stick to buying physical copies

WildArmed3325d ago

why would u pay 100 bucks 4 wifi adapter? just saying..
I just got a 20$ long ass LAN wire n ran it up to my HDTV 4 my 360.
Though i dont play online much on it nemore.
Just offline fable 2 n Mass effect ever so often.
And my cousin loves stealing my 360 for a week or 2. Its fine im not gaming much atm. except the uncharted 2 beta ofc

qface643325d ago

i wanted to use a long wire but from where i am from my router i would need one very long also i would have to run it through some walls that's the real problem

i didn't want that wifi adapter i just found out about much better options when it was too late i get a much better and faster experience bridging my 360 with my laptop but i already have the adapter so i might as well put it to use

qface643325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

its obvious halo 2 is the last xbox original they are bringing out
but why? there's barely any there to begin with
why exactly are they stopping em? i know the xbox never had many games to begin with but this isn't the case is it?

there's a few games i wanted to try for the first time but aren't there

Harri44443325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

us gamers should send out a petition and make E3 a real holiday that why we can get off work/school when it finely comes around.

Tomonobu Itagaki3325d ago

It is interesting to notice that among those seven announcements, none of them are related to PSP, PS3 or Sony. Only about Xbox 360, XBLA, Wii and DS games.


Also interesting that none of those news were really flying under the radar, but this site jus choose what to show. LOL

Not to mention that you can't conclude much of having no Sony game in this list... Is media paying more attention to Sony announcements so none have passed by journalists?

Just like that, you could make a thousand of assumptions based on this list not including sony. Probably, none of them will have real sense or will be much valid...

Cheeseknight283325d ago

Holy hell, I had no idea that Professor Layton 2's release date was announced.

And Picross 3D was announced for America? Man, I should have paid more attention to the announcements. I loved Picross DS, for a $20 game it kept me going for dozens of hours.

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