Pixel Verdict: InFamous Review

Joe Mercer from Pixel Verdict writes:

"Sucker Punch, one of Sony's top three prized development studios seek to test those very waters with InFamous; a sandbox title that grants players an incredible array of super-powers, and the choice to do good or do evil by those very abilities. But is this long-awaited PS3 exclusive a mighty champion of the people, or does it fizzle out faster that the Joel Schumacher Batman movies?"

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krouse933394d ago

Hell ya inFAMOUS is an amazing videogame one of the best EVER!

WildArmed3394d ago

No kidding.
Got the platinum yesterday.
Playing through the game my 5th time now.
Still fun as hell! ^^

GrandTheftZamboni3394d ago

Judging from the demo, it looks and plays a lot better than GTA4.