Sony E3 2009 – The Announcements We Didn't Expect

RatedG4Gamer Writes: There was plently of hype surrounding E3 2009, with numerous reports of the new PSP and a very mysterious teaser showing up on the internet weeks before the show's start hinting at a new Metal Gear Solid game. After weeks of news leaks, the fans were left wondering if Sony had anything to announce that the public didn't know about. After Microsoft's press conference on June 1 announced big exclusive titles such as Halo: Reach & Crackdown 2, Sony's conference became all the more important for some unannounced titles and hardware to be revealed.

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qface643327d ago

honestly the only 2 announcements i didn't expect at all were just FF14 and RESIDENT EVIL PORTABLE those just came out of nowhere
all the other stuff i expected

50CALheadshot3327d ago

u expected the "wand" thingamajig?

i was very pleased this year with e3, lots of awesome games comin up

qface643327d ago

yap there were rumors about it the week before E3 then after the leaks and all the rumors coming true
i expected it kinda took the surprise out of it

Sarcasm3327d ago

You expected Agent? Modnation Racers? GT PSP?

Those came out of nowhere!

qface643327d ago

i wasn't all too surprised by agent
i knew that rockstar was working on something exclusively for the ps3 so agent didn't surprise me since they never really said what it was exactly besides it was being made by rockstar

also the gran turismo for psp was leaked a few days before e3

modnation racers did surprise me but only because i thought the conference was about to end and they had 1 more announcement in store and when it was mod nation
i was just what was is this? i hope the conference isn't over

Blasphemy3327d ago

You expected an Hannah Montana PSP? Wow even I didn't see that one coming.

qface643327d ago

actually that i didn't expect at all but i didn't see any reason why i should care about it

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WildArmed3327d ago

i actually though Jack Tretton made a mistake and said FF XIV instead of FF XIII VS.
I was like OMG such a huge mistake
Then the trailer started.. and in that minute i had about 500 heart attacks :D
Being a huge MMORPG fan that i am.

qface643327d ago

will versus 13 even be exclusive to the PS3? im honestly thinking it won't
it would have been a good time to show some footage and say exclusive right

also i mean this is square-enix after all so i don't think ill be surprised if its not exclusive

WildArmed3327d ago

i think FFXIII VS will be an exclusive
But as 4 FFIV, not so sure

AKNAA3327d ago

So the article is basically saying that if it weren't for all the leaks prior to e3, Sony would of crushed the competition with surprise after surprise right!
Well, duh! I was not surprise by most of sony's announcements but that didn't encourage me drop their conference grade from A to B. It just confirmed to me that sony already won E3 before it even started.

40cal3327d ago

Vs. XIII is still exclusive and I think it will stay that way. Tokyo Game Show is coming up, I think we will see it then.

qface643327d ago

it would have been way better if their stuff never got leaked seeing that surprise announcement that just makes you go WOAH x]

i know what you mean though doesn't change the fact they still showed new stuff

badz1493327d ago too dude, but I was actually laughing because I thought it was funny! I remember at E3 08 when Jack mentioned "billions" instead of "millions" during the presentation with the sackboy and I thought he made a mistake again but FFXIV really caught me off-guard! I also laughed after the end of the trailer because I remembered in 08, M$'s biggest announcement was FFXIII going multiplat and Jack was like giving them the slap in the face with a BAAMMM!! "here, FFXIV exclusively on PS3!" although the exclusivity is still in doubt knowing that stupid Wada of SE but FFXI as an MMO was never a success on 360, so...the possibility of exclusivity is still there!

R*'s Agent was also a surprise but the lack of any footage killed the moment thereafter. but props to PSP Go! which came in style with more high profile games! the unknown were Kojima-san's MGS PW, AC and how gorgeous GT for PSP looks!

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cmrbe3327d ago

game caught me by surprise.

Darkeyes3327d ago

Yup I agree there. I felt that after Rock* ditching PS3 for GTA4 DLC's, 3rd Party exclusivity for an entire new game was dead. I knew about the 2007 deal, but I thought that it must have been canceled due to the current economic situations. Good to see Rock* making a PS3 exclusive.

I can't imagine the potential of this game.It might have gone under the radar due to no clip shown, but Rock* on PS3=Something Big.

40cal3327d ago

I cant wait for more details on this one, from the description of the game it sounds like it might be an open WORLD game, as in countries, states, continents, ect. open WORLD.

I just hope I read into that right.

Obama3327d ago

On top of that I don't think Sony paid R* 50 million to make the game.

Lawliet3327d ago

Indeed Obama. Its the long-term partnership trust that really pays off. Something which I believe a company will never obtain.

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Gamer60563327d ago

the leaks ruined part of sony's e3

Myst3327d ago

Final Fantasy XIV at first I thought it was a huge mistake like others did, So I fell out of my chair. This is pretty much how it happened for me...

Then I found out it was the Code name rapture information I had wanted for so long so I was happy in the end.

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