GamesRadar: Tatsunoko vs Capcom Interview

Capcom Senior Community Manager Seth Killian stole some time from his packed E3 schedule last week to relax his feet and join GamesRadar for a spirited Tatsunoko vs. Capcom jabber-thon. Find out what the game is like, what the developers are up to, who to expect in the roster, and more!

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qface643353d ago

you just gotta love those big beams =]

kunit22c3353d ago

i seriously cant wait, i am a new fan of the series, i mean i played street fighter turbo as a kid but i sucked at it so i didn't like it, but then recently iv'e been playing some marvel vs. Capcom and iv'e kinda gotten back into the series. so i am so getting this game! and before didn't they say they were adding online? if so this game will be the best! cant wait!!!