Gran Turismo For PSP Was Almost "Gran Turismo Spyder"

Kotaku writes:

"Polyphony Digital's "real driving simulator" Gran Turismo is finally coming to the PSP this October, some four years after it was announced as Gran Turismo 4 Mobile. But now it's just simply Gran Turismo. Why is that?

We sat down with Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi at E3 last week to find out more about the PlayStation Portable taking on the Gran Turismo series, who told us that the game is unassumingly titled Gran Turismo for a few reasons."

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themyk3395d ago

i can not wait to but the go and gt. i mean how awesome is this?

badz1493395d ago

I still can't believe PD actually pulled those graphics on the PSP! you can only expect the best out of GT5 on PS3! I was never a big GT fan before but after playing Free GT Demo and GT5P, I think I'm on for both GT PSP & GT5! come on PD...bring it ON!

San Frandisco3395d ago

Racing on the Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! !!!!!

MajesticBeast3395d ago

article lacks translator san not giving a f**k. On the serious side damn you sony for making me buy a psp when i alrdy own a ds damn you and the solid line up damn you for raping my wallet. Im still on the fence on the go or 3000 cause if they dont release the psn cards in europe then go is pretty useless for me unless they start doing paypal or clickandbuy like valve which i hope.

free2game3653395d ago

can't imagine playing a racing game on that crappy looking nub on the PSP