Sony Explains Unnamed New PS3 Motion Controller A Little More

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:

"The head of marketing for the PlayStation brand told us at E3 that Sony's new PlayStation 3 motion-control tech could be the thing to get hardcore players into "motion gaming."

We covered Microsoft's new motion-control system, Natal, heavily last week. And that's without us getting a firm release date for it.

But what of Sony's camera-and-wand PS3 tech, also debuting at E3 2009, and which is dated for a spring 2010 release?

During my interview with Sony Computer Entertainment of America marketing chief Peter Dille, I pressed for more details."

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WildArmed3360d ago

nothing new in the article but it just clears up their intentions.

I just wanna see the games they come out with this.
The tech doesn't mean much w/o software

QuackPot3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

GT5, GoW3, R3, TLG, multiple sports franchises....need we say more.

The controller is suppose to come out next year so these game developers will already have the basic controller specs to integrate the CONTROLLER to their games.

In short, even with the new controller we'll still get shooters, actioners, rpgs, racing games, sports games etc because.....surprise,'s still just a CONTROLLER.

Epic, R*, DICE, etc aren't going to all of a sudden make casual kiddie games because the ps3 has a playmote. If that were the case then why the frack haven't they made games for the Wii and make heaps of profits?


DA_SHREDDER3360d ago

Thats what anyone could tell just by looking at the demonstration they did at E3. Its only the fanboys and ignorant media types that are saying otherwise. Real recognizes real. I hope Sony keeps staying focus, and stays away from the ignorant minds that run these gaming sites. They are the enemies.

Real gamer 4 life3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Sony is trying to target the hardcore gamer with their motion controller! Well thats interesting, and all this time i thought they were going after the wii crowd.

thebudgetgamer3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

most days when im done with school and work, i want to sit in my recliner and hold a controller. not jump around.

:) edit: i hear you and agree. for me its holding dual light sabers 1:1 1080p

WildArmed3360d ago

agree. But i'd love a fencing sim or w/e.
It'd be fun to practice at the ease of my home