Secret message in The Last Guardian trailer

Examiner: "If you pay close enough attention, you should be able to see a secret message hidden within the majestic footage."

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WildArmed3331d ago

its more of an easter egg than a secret message.
hmm kewl

lociefer3330d ago

no 360 boys dont check it out , its not a 360 controller or X Y in the sky

Kight3330d ago

I can't see how anyone would be surprised by this, though.

Team ICO working on the third ICO game which was orignally known as project trICO......

gintoki7773331d ago


WildArmed3331d ago

i think they were just mentioning the fact that it might be related to ICO (the first game they made)
But thats pretty obvious too

Hiruma Youchi3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

the game used to go by the name of trico and the art Style looked alike to the 1st so yeah indeed its linked to the universe.

How come they havent made Ico PVCs? Theres a few of Shadow Colossus but no Ico . I'd buy Ico's and yorda holding hands pvc.

look @ this Crazy Colos PVC that Cost 195$ !!

Kight3330d ago

The word ICO comes up 15 times on this page alone (not counting sources)

How the hell did you miss that Team ICO is working on this?
Not to mention the fact that they visual style is extremely similar.

jessehaysfl3330d ago

The Last Guardian is the third game in the trilogy that also includes Shadow of the Colossus and, of course, Ico.

So why is this a secret? ohhhh so you can get hits.

I get it.

Insomnia_843330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

How about that big 5 at the beginning of the MGS:PW trailer?

Sarcasm3330d ago

Is it a 5 or a S. That's the mystery.

xabmol3330d ago

That "5" is there to let us know it's a true sequel. Not a spin off made by someone else. (>.0)

S1nnerman3330d ago

Not particularly a big secret lol

I don't buy many games when they're released - but this is going to be a day one purchase for me :)

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The story is too old to be commented.