PS3 Price Cut in August Timed with Madden Launch?

Industry sources are indicating that Sony will chop $100 off the PS3's MSRP by mid-August, which should coincide nicely with the blockbuster launch of the next Madden.

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ElementX3359d ago

Heard the same thing about June which would've conincided nicely with E3

SixTwoTwo3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I also heard a pricecut was supposed to have happened at the end of their last fiscal year.

DavidMacDougall3359d ago

I heard that you go to hell for tickling chickens

Harri44443359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

yeah hopefully their trying to catch the competition off guard by keeping it a secret, but i doubt it.

Jockamo3359d ago

my god we've been hearing price cut for sooo'll happen when it happens...

crck3359d ago

PS3 Price cuts rumors started as early as March of last year 7 month after their first price cut. Everyone at this point should be in "I'll believe it when I see it" mode.

BRG90003359d ago

Secrecy about upcoming price drops isn't really to throw off the competition so much as it is to keep consumers from waiting if they were going to purchase one anyway. If I'm ready to buy a PS3 tomorrow for $400 but I hear it's going to be cheaper in August I'm sure as hell going to wait.

FamilyGuy3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Geez, price cut rumors ALREADY!?

Someones scared and trying to stop the increase of PS3s sold after no price cut @ E3.

Here the thing, why would one wait months to save $100 at most? I understand if you're a college kid low on cash or too young to have a job but for the rest of the world, there's no reason to wait.

"I heard that you go to hell for tickling chickens"
How strange, I always heard it was if you feed pigeons alka-selzer...

BRG90003359d ago

You've gotta consider though, that you just described a significant chunk of the PS3's demographic.

Shadow Flare3359d ago

PS3 price cut, with the ps3 slim, bundled with Gran Turismo 5, and launching before the holiday season.

That would be amazing, if it happened

XGRaViSmOrSX3359d ago

i heard from a guy who knows a guy that works for a guy that is friends with another guy who talked to a guy in gamestop and he said that the price drop is coming in march 2016.

enough already. if you want one, buy it. gotta pay to play, all there "rumors" of price drops just come one after another after another. bah!

desolationstorm3359d ago

$100 might not be that much in the grand scheme of things but a couple months longer isnt that much either. Especially if the person on the fence already has a 360 or a wii to take up their time. I would like a ps3, but I dont need one though a $100 pricecut would more then likly just be that final reason as to not wait any longer.

RememberThe3573359d ago

lol I know. I read that just shaking my head. Why would you not want your console of choice to do well. And you better believe they'll be cutting the price soon if they want to reach that 13 million units goal of theirs.

TheExecutive3359d ago

Well, I was thinking a price cut last winter, then June but apparently Sony is in a bad spot. That would also explain the lack of advertising on Sony's end. They gotta drop the price this year and a price cut in August would seem a little premature (unless the slim is real). The price cut would make sense for a September launch of the slim. We shall see.

Omegasyde3359d ago

Heard the same thing about Febuary which would've conincided nicely with Killzone 2

JL3359d ago

Actually, the average PS3 gamer is probably more like mid to late 20s.

But seriously people come on, enough with the "Price cut coming" stuff. It's like lather, rinse, repeat with these industry guys. Keep repeating it and sure you're bound to be right one day. I just can't wait for the day it happens so I can read about all these reporters and whatnot going "Oh yea, i called it. look at that", then i'll laugh just thinking about "yea? what about those other times. congratulations on going 1 for 1,000" lol

Baliw3359d ago

Until now all that was cut
was backwards compatibility.

Venomish3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I'm beginning to think all these price cut rumors are just a pathetic, desperate attempt from some people to limit ps3 sales making people wait for the not-coming price cut.
ps3 as it is now, is well worth the price, the value you get is actually way more than just $399.99
I'm glad I just recently convinced two friend to ignore these rumors and just get the system already.
these articles shouldnt be approved until the price cut is 100% confirmed by sony themselves.



Sony is just playing the same pieces that MS tried last year, but better.

MS reversed the bad numbers of 3/4 of the year in the last 3 months by a 50 dollars pricecut.

Sony is actually holding itself worldwide against 360 pretty well, even at way higher price, so Sony know the interest is there.

Now if Sony can hold 'till just before holiday games season to make a more efficient price cut (and by "more efficient" I mean at least 100 bucks), they'll have the same effect MS had last year but stronger.

When you factor that last minute price change factor with the fact that there is arguably higher interest in Sony machine and that PS3 is already barely beating 360 at higher price, it can be the move Sony need to actually outsell MS in a proportion that will propel PS3 to a better position in the eyes of media, publishers and gamers.

That said, I don't think eighter Sony or MS can beat Ninty numbers before Wii successor comes.

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krouse933359d ago

Hmm A price cut would mean i could buy two more PS3's I have one now but if they chopped it down i would buy more just for added convenience.

It is definitly worth what it costs but i dont want to buy another right now and just have the price chopped in a few months.

Statix3359d ago

The thing is, I'm still holding out hope that Sony has been delaying and delaying this price cut for so long, because they've been waiting for the opportunity to introduce a more drastic $150 pricecut instead of the $100 cut everyone is expecting. To me, this would have a much bigger "oomph" factor, a much bigger impact on the market. A $150 cut would put the $249 PS3 at a mere $50 above the low-end $199 Xbox, and you'll see a deluge of customers, including a deluge of soft-core/casual gamers, come raining in.

Might just be a pipe dream on my end however, considering how much hardware and value Sony packs into the PS3, pricing the system at only $50 more than the bare-bones Xbox Arcade might not be an economically feasible thing to do. But I'm just daydreaming about how much of a coup it would be Sony in these console wars for them to introduce a HUGE surprise $150 pricecut. Some people are still speculating that a simple $100 pricecut down to $299 won't stimulate PS3 sales all that much, but you can't argue with the impact of a $250 PS3.

mastiffchild3359d ago

Well, seeing the lengths that Sony are going to in sourcing cheaper and cheaper parts I'd say that te price cut is still very much a likelihood at some point this year.

If it comes it'll be with Gt5 or GOW3, imo, we'll see.

RememberThe3573359d ago

Dude that is not happening. They haven't cut the price because it wasn't economical to do so. Besides if they cut the price by 150 it would be the same price as the PSP Go. I like your optimism, but I just wouldn't get my hopes too high.

I'll probably be $50.

joeyisback25853359d ago

when ps3 gets price drop it will start out selling 360 once again lol

Bladestar3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

And just like the last PS3 price cut... it will be undermined by another xbox 360 price cut.


Because no matter what Sony tries to do one thing will never change. The PS3 will always cost more to manufacture than the XBox 360 thanks to the fact the xbox 360 does not have blu-ray and the cell.

Sony has to be careful... if dropping the price of the PS3 is countered by Halo ODST and another xbox 360 price drop than they will be faced with similar PS3 sells but may turn to be losing money on each console (again) or making a lot less money which would defeat the purpose.

Remember... when Sony drop the price of the PS3 they did start to do better and even sold more console than the xbox 360 in some months... but once Microsoft drop the price... things just turned around.


To Dicc0 bellow:

" they should cut it down to 200$
so it could have a chance to compete with the xbox arcade "

think about it... if Sony could drop the price of the PS3 to $200 though the PS3 cost probably 2 times more than the xbox 360 to make... don't you think that Microsoft could drop the xbox 360 arcade to $79 considering the fact that it does not even have a hard drive, blu-ray or the cell? Lots of people are acting as if Microsoft does not a manufacturing cost advantage over Sony.


@raztad - "MS cant keep dropping the 360 price. Remember, the arcade SKU is already the most cheaper console in the market, and MS is trying to drive consumers to get other most expensive SKUs"... Please.. let's have an intelligent argument. No Fanboysm in my part.
My logic behind why I believe Microsoft can drop the price is based on Manufacturing cost and because it's on their best interest to maintain marketshare lead this generation for the sake of the future o the xbox brand.

My logic is solely on the following facts:

* The xbox 360 cost less to make than the PS3 to make. So why can sony drop the price to less than what an xbox 360 elite cost when it cost more to make a PS3?

* They will not want Sony to gain the upper hand.

Isn't that logical? Please help me understand the logic behind Sony being able to drop the price while having a higher manufacturing cost to make a PS3 but Microsoft not being able to?

I do not think how low Microsoft drops the price of the xbox 360 is determined by how low other consoles are... but by manufacturing cost, profits and marketshares.

raztad3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )


Man, that avatar brings me amazing memories :D

Now, I dont share your theory. MS cant keep dropping the 360 price. Remember, the arcade SKU is already the most cheaper console in the market, and MS is trying to drive consumers to get other most expensive SKUs. It doesnt make sense to price cut even more the arcade (it will reach PS2 levels) and if MS reduces the 400$ unit to 300$ it wont be effective against the PS3. MS just CANT play the price game anymore.

Anyway, guys dont hold your breath. Sony probably will cut the PS3 price AFTER FFXIII is launched, maybe simultaneously with GT5 release. That would be amazing.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3359d ago

...that analysts have been most wrong about. I believe Guiness has been keeping track of this.

Ggame3359d ago

Possible but I think sony should announce that during the holiday season more than the launch time of Madden.

BRG90003359d ago

Agreed, it seems like a weird strategy to pair it with the release of an annual sports game. Even if it is a consistent high seller every year.

JD_Shadow3359d ago

The fall is when all the bigger games begin to drop. Madden 10 would be an interesting place to start, but remember what else Sony has coming up: Uncharted 2, which we all KNOW will be huge for them.

Personally, I think it's going to happen this year, but thing is, I think the reason why everyone wants the price cut to happen is, for one, so people will finally shut up about it (me included). But second, and this is most important, it will eliminate the final big thing that everyone says is keeping Sony from enjoying a HUGE comeback in this gen. If they cut the price, everyone who had wanted one but couldn't afford it because of bills and whatnot, will be able to and thus, MS may want to watch their backs for Sony to overtake them in sales.

I think in reality, that's something that a LOT of 360 fanboys (both here and in the media) are scared of. They had every one excuse to bash the PS3 (PSN, "lack of games", arrogant and c0cky front office people, etc.) eliminated, and now only the price remains. That will end once Sony pulls the trigger (what else will they have to blindly bash the system with after they do?).