Gamer Limit Review: Penumbra Collection

Gamer Limit writes "The game places a strong emphasis on sound, which delivers, but then ends with an expansion that fails to deliver the last Hoorah."

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Cloud-14093088d ago

Great review. The game looks damn creepy.

chrisjc3088d ago

I've never even heard of this game until now, nor have I ever seen that midget baby before.

Midget baby survival horror? I can dig it.

Martin Bigg3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Interesting review. I hadn't heard of the game either to be honest, but it seems compelling - how does it compare to horror staples such as Resident Evil?

Dimly3088d ago

This game looks like a waste of time. Why even bother reviewing it?

TheProfessional3087d ago

I didn't know the series existed until I scooped up Black Plague for $10 at Best Buy. Great survival horror, it reminds me of a cross between Condemned Criminal Origins and Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth.

The physics in Black Plague are excellent along with the story, sound, graphics and most importantly the atmosphere. The gameplay is tension heavy survival-horror with Resident Evil 1 style puzzles. Theres not a lot of actual combat (which I thought would be a problem) but it actually makes the game that much more intense and unique.

Anyone with an interest in horror should check them out ASAP. The whole series was just part of a weekend deal on Steam so I'm hoping they'll get a heavy increase in popularity.

And don't listen to mainstream idiots like Dimly, I'm sure Luigi's Mansion is the scariest "horror" game he's ever played.