PlayStation Release Horizon 06/08/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes - Here we are, the week after E3! There are quite a few games to choose from this week, but without a doubt there is one in the bunch that is a must-own title. Rock Band Unplugged will be released this week exclusively on the PSP. Besides the usual yearly sports releases, this week will also see the release of Prototype. We'll see if this game is able to stand up to inFamous.

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DJ3244d ago

Thanks for the release schedule!

haskell4203243d ago

I got Tiger and Prototype today...Tiger is pretty sweet with the new adjustments they made, and LY SCHNY KEES..Imagine the game, the Darkness, remember that one..the guy can have snakes shoot out from his back n crap.. well, imagine that game, BUT NOW on HGH, gore, canabulismand some of the sweetest weapons in a LOOONG TIME..DEFINTE MUST MUST MUST BUY