X Play Presents the Best Of E3 Awards,

Each year, E3 is a grueling gauntlet of new titles and technologies, all poised to change the way we think about gaming. This year was no exception. Now that they've had time to sit back, piece back together their tattered physical beings and meditate for awhile, X Play is ready to share the things blew their minds at this year's show.

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- Ghost of Sparta -3354d ago

Game of the Show - Uncharted 2

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

CaseyRyback_CPO3354d ago

PS3 exclusives always go down smooth and keep comin....mmhmmm..mhhm

(puffs cigar)

JokesOnYou3354d ago

Uncharted2 looked amazing, not my personal pick for Game of the show but either way it looked awesome, but Ghost why so serious? lmfao


CaseyRyback_CPO3354d ago

I'd love to know what the best game presentation of the show was in your opinion.

JokesOnYou3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

ALAN WAKE gameplay was my favorite, the game looked stunning, the guy coming out of the shadows was freaky, and how he used the flashlight plus his gun to kill them looked like spooky fun. I've been waiting to see something from this game for along time and looks like AW will be well worth the wait.


mistajeff3354d ago

can i stick it in my bong and smoke it instead?


GiantEnemyCrab3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

/puts it in pipe

/smokes it

(exhale) aaaaahh yup that is some Grade A sheet right there.

/puffs and passes

Trebius3354d ago

Uncharted 2 to me had incredible footage, and it did deserve the award...Alan Wake did look good, but it was nothing extraordinary. Im sure they didnt show the best of the game. What they did show was interesting though...but it didnt really WoW anyone.

mistajeff3354d ago

*takes pipe from giantenemycrab*

if there were something smokeable called "uncharted 2," i'd definitely smoke it.

rockleex3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

You tell em, "This stuff is Uncharted... literally. You've NEVER had anything like this before... trust me."

Then you smoke it. XD

eagle213354d ago

I can't wait for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Drake is going to get the praise he truly deserves this year. :)

Jaces3354d ago

likedamaster3354d ago

The more footage I see of Uncharted 2 the more unimpressed I become. Granted, not the worst looking game but not the best either. Alan Wake, Splinter Cell and even Forza 3 were the best lookers along with U2. God of War, FFXIII/XIV, were meh. Great games in their own right but not mindblowing. Sorry, just my opinion.

kevnb3354d ago

was that really necessary? PS Uncharted 2 deserves the nod.

Dark General3354d ago

Get your hands on a beta code and play the coop portion and see how good the game looks. I didn't like the artistic direction in the first game (the only thing I didn't like about the original) but this second ones graphics do look REALLY good.

likedamaster3354d ago

They did improve the visuals of the first one from that cartoony look to a more polished/detailed gritty look which is a plus(one of my complaints from the 1st one), multiplayer component also a plus(another wish I had fulfilled for the sequel).

I just get turned off by the whole popularity of it, maybe because like when a band gets big I stop listening to them because everybody else is, I don't know. We'll see if they show something else that would peak my interest. Something that says, I've got to absolutely positively get this game.

SaberEdge3354d ago

My game of the show is down to between Alan Wake, Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 2. All of them are level 10 awesome games and I just can't decide on one.

Some good picks all around. I had no major disagreements.

Sarcasm3354d ago

I call it, "Pineapple Uncharted"

Go ahead guys, and smoke it.


Dark General3354d ago

Understandable. I'm just glad Uncharted is getting the coverage it deserves. I used to talk about it all the time and a good amount of people didn't know what game I was talking about or didn't play it (2008ish).

My music preference barely ever gets broke into the mainstream. And if it does it's usually in a commercial. Or ends up in Sony's press conference *Laughs*. Fist of God by MSTRKRFT was the song when they announced Gran Turismo for PsP. I was thoroughly surprised and glad.

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KionicWarlord2223354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Best xbox 360 game and best rpg game

mass efffect 2


Best new hardware

Project Natal

I thought they would say that.

Silly gameAr3354d ago

Natal was mind blowing. But I don't know if I'll buy into it. But Mass Effect 2, if you played the first one, you know how awesome that game is.

I agree.

mistajeff3354d ago

mmmm... mass effect 2.... *drools on self*

NJShadow3354d ago

Good stuff... good stuff. Gotta love Uncharted! =D

Silly gameAr3354d ago

Check all the games and catagories. Good Sh!t people.

eagle213354d ago

Turn-10 got beat. Hopefully they save their unconvincing arrogance of forza 3 for another lifetime. :)

DelbertGrady3354d ago

And GT5 wasn't even nominated.

aldesko3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

They didn't demo GT5, so it wasn't eligible.

eagle213354d ago

Any real gamer knows these awards are based on playable demos. GT5 would wipe the floor with forza. :)

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mistajeff3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

It really really really sucks that only one of those 360 nominees is an exclusive.

EDIT: also, why were there only 3 PC nominees? What about everything else besides ODST in the 360 category? Or OLD REPUBLIC?? hello?

pippoppow3354d ago

Yeah they should have put ME2, Splinter Cell and Alan wake on the PC list. At least they put L4D2 on there. Almost seems like they want people to think You can't play those games unless you have a 360. Interesting. Then again X-play is biased toward the 360.

aldesko3354d ago

Yeah, ME2 got best 360 game, L4D2 was nominated... yet L4D2 got best PC game and ME2 wasn't even nominated.

I think ME2 deserves it way more than L4D2.

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