The Portable Gamer Review: Star Defense for iPhone

TPG writes: "Star Defense is quite fun - it's a solid tower defense game with unique twists and solid replayability with the Challenge mode and multiple difficulties, as well as achievements that you can unlock for your own amusement...I don't think the game will make anyone who's not a big fan of the tower defense genre suddenly love the game due to the twists that ngmoco has brought to the game, but it's still a solid romp for anyone who loves tower defense games and wants something unique. Bottom line, if you were hyped for Star Defense, buy it, it does not disappoint."

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wondroushippo3269d ago

I'm never going to think of the term brainstorming the same way again after the way it was described in that article. Wow.

supercharger51503269d ago

really good. Pretty creative writing ;)

supercharger51503269d ago

LOL! This review cracks me up!

supercharger51503269d ago

I like the 3D twist this game has. Makes it more unique then just the typical TD games.

roblef3269d ago

I'm a huge tower defense fan. This looks damn amazing!