IGN: Ghostbusters: The Video Game Review

For all the fanboys out there who want to beat their chests about which system got it right, there are some differences between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of this game. The PS3 features an eight-minute, 4 GB install that apparently doesn't do much seeing as how it takes both games about 30 seconds to load after a death or load a mission from the main screen. Although the PS3 has exclusive videos about refurbishing Ecto-1 and the Blu-ray release of the first movie, the graphics seem to be a touch dumbed down on Sony's system.

If you dug the movies, there's no reason that you should be disappointed with Ghostbusters: The Video Game. There are some moments that cause the game to stumble, but you're getting a new tale in the Ghostbusters canon, fun gameplay, a whole bunch of stuff to destroy, and some cool ghosts to scan. IGN felt that the game's ending was a bit flat and the romantic interest was forced, but Ghostbusters is a hell of a ride.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 8.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.0
Overall -

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CSM-101e3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

for better.

EDIT: {sarcasm}

Jamegohanssj53392d ago

Prepare for a storm of people. Nice score by the way.


irish-leprecaun3392d ago

i suppose u 360 fans will buy the ps2 version lol

Gamer_Politics3392d ago

why?when the game can also be brought on xbox 360...

PirateThom3392d ago

In Europe, it's only on PS3/PS2 until the end of the year.

Daver3392d ago

loll they gave us the review of this game before the one coming out tomorrow who is suppose to be a big game, im talking about prototype. Theres not much hype i guess

On topic, thats a very good review

Lifendz3392d ago

on this when it's not in the actual review? Oh yeah, because Bloodmask submitted this.

kevnb3392d ago

all i wanted to know is if there were any major game breaking issues.

s8anicslayer3392d ago

I don't understand how a lead platform can look worse then the latter, I can't believe that I'll see for myself when the game is released, I preordered the PS3 version a while back and had no idea it would come with a blueray version of the first movie, that's bonus enough for me to buy it since I was such a big fan as a kid and this game is supposed to be true to the movie.

sofresh2003392d ago

"Although the PS3 has exclusive videos about refurbishing Ecto-1 and the Blu-ray release of the first movie."

Looks like the PS3 version has the better content.

Midgard2283392d ago

prototype isnt very good at all, im playing it at work (preview copy full game)

theres no sense of direction and i had volume down cuz so much cursing and even tho i had no idea wat to do next i was completing the objectives, i was like "huh? really i didnt even know i had to do that" and that happened bout 5-6 times today. its fun runnin around but otherwise in my opinion it isnt that good.

ghost busters looks good tho, glad game got good review too

Immortal Kaim3392d ago

The same morons fighting over the same sh*t every day, don't you guys get tired?

It seems each version has advantages/disadvantages, decide which one is right for you and leave it at that.

Beast_Master3392d ago

If you think this game is based on the movie you are going to be mad or really surprised. This story takes place 2 years after Ghostbusters 2 an the script was written by Harold Ramos and Dan Akroyd, you play the 5th rookie ghostbuster.

After hearing Greg Miller pine about how bad he wanted this game on Podcast Beyond, I am surprised that he was able to give an objective review. Considering this is the guy that gave Lair and Wheelman a 4.9, a Greg Miller 8 is like a 9 for most reviewer. don't be shocked to see some 9s this week.

Gamertags3392d ago

I will have to go with the 360 version. I am a graphics whore and only the best will do in my collection.

360 wins this time.

30 second load times?

Why dis3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

It bugs me that devs have to lie about games talking them up on PS3 because they feel claiming PS3 "Superiority" is the only way PS3 fans will buy games. Wasn't PS3 the lead platform? I wonder what PS3 exclusive games would look like on the 360 :)

gamesR4fun3392d ago

"If we’re doing a PS3 only game however, we could be doing a lot more. We could be pushing a lot more on the screen."

quote from one of the original devs on this game.

Syronicus3392d ago

Looks like a solid rental. With so many games coming out I have to limit my game purchases to games like Uncharted 2 and Modern Warfare 2 but this and others like it will certainly be rentals.

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360DownINflames3392d ago

What are you comparing it to? Reviews make no sense what so ever.
**Oh wait it was 360 ign duh!

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Rich16313392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

"Although the PS3 has exclusive videos about refurbishing Ecto-1 and the Blu-ray release of the first movie..."

Does that mean the PS3 version has the Ghostbusters movie on the disc too? Or is it a trailer. Cause if it has the movie too, then I will definitely buy it, otherwise it is a rental.

aldesko3392d ago

Wow, that's a good deal. If the game gets decent reviews, I may pick it up for my PS3.

angel6043392d ago

video about the blu ray release, prob just a trailer or the stars of the movie talking about it etc etc

DelbertGrady3392d ago

Dumbed down version of the game with 4GB, 8 minute install and a movie I've already seen 3-4 times? Yeah, that sounds awfully tempting lol!

0verdrive3392d ago

... fanboys amaze me.

firstly i dont know why sony fanboys are trying to spin this, he said the xbox version looks better.

that being said, he basically said that they look the same. a few particle effects difference? honestly. the review said that the ps3 version lacked a few sparks on the wall. if it was anything game breaking, im sure they would have deducted a bit from the graphics on the ps3, but the scores the same, which means they look the same.

xbox fanboys lose because they miss out on a free movie. honestly, who cares about a few particle effects the no one really notices vs getting a free movie? an awesome movie, btw.

anyways, fanboys lose. you all need to shut up.

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XDF3392d ago

you said "Go back to the open zone where fanboys discuss graphics and not a game that's not even out yet. I'll be buying it since I already have it reserved."

But what about all the graphics talk of Uncharted 2, GOW3, Heavy Rain, and GT5 being used in every X360 related thread like it is going out of style?? Should they go in the OPEN ZONE then?

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